Teena Bowles invites you,  “This Sat.. Come on out and enjoy our military vehicle display! San Martin Airport and the Wings of History musuem across the street. Great event hosted in conjuction with the South

THE POLICE BENEVOLENT ASSOCIATION HAS SOMETHING TO TELL YOU Leroy, Can you please send out a blog today to remind members that the PBA will hold it’s monthly meeting tomorrow at 5:00pm for appetizers and

https://camemorial.org/Gil Gonzales’ memorial service 5-6-2022 Rick Botar, Chris Galios, Ron Webster, Dave Fazo badge and tie bar Gil and Chief cobarruviaz. Gil’s Badge 1527 To Honor all vets Chief Reuben Nunez of the Marana, Arizona

Timothy Knea Reports Joe Castello Passed away 2 day’s ago. No further info but if you knew Joe and would like to share stories, pictures, tales, or any such tributes, please forward to leroypyle@gmail.org and

Date: 8/17/2000 NOTE: Leroy Pyle’s long stint as a police officer led him to understand the importance in preserving and restoring the right to keep and bear arms. Founder of Law Enforcement Alliance of America and