1. Chief Petty Officer, AMC, WHEN RETIRED AFTER 30 years.
      My earliest memories with my Mom waving with hundreds of others as the carrier arrived at the docks in San Diego.
      Latter year’s he was Chief in charge of Special Services or manager of the Chiefs Club.
      Was fun for me to hang out when holiday lunches were served. Fit for a King with lobster and crab and the freshest of fruit.
      Most of my Christmas and Thaksgivins we’re spent aboard a carrier, Best chow ever and had ice cream for dessert on a submarine tied alongside. My Dad played Santa and ingot my share of gifts after sitting on his lap!
      Those were great year’s and I grew accustomed to moving every two years (although Dad did finagle an extra year at the Chiefs Club in SD) oh, and a 3rd year in Hawaii.
      I honestly believe my upbringing as a Navy Brat, moving and meeting new people of all breeds, cultures, backgrounds, etc; contributed to my skills as a police officer. After all, communicating is our most often used skill. I was one of the top pistol competitors in the state but never shot anyone!😳
      Still working on those skills with the Farsidee..”..

      1. Leroy, what carrier was your dad on? My dad was on the Ticonderoga, then the Princeton. Retired as a CWO-4, flight test analyst. I still have his DD214.

        1. The Enterprise. He never missed the TV program, Victory at Sea, and I wish ic
          Could remember all the comments he made as we watched. It was like a play by play account during some scenes. I remember one close up of a sailor walking around a moving propeller of a Corsair and recruiting the time he saw a fellow sailor walk INTO a moving propellor!

  1. Great tribute to your mom and dad. May 31 was always an important date for me because, from the first year it was broadcast on TV, I would always watch the Indianapolis 500. In 1969 it took on a additional significance with our wedding ceremony. Today Connie (Bosco) and I celebrate our 54th anniversary. You guessed it. You do not get out after 30 years, and there is no retirement. 🙂

  2. Very nice posting Leroy. My dad was a ground pounder in WW II. He fought in the New Guinea and Philippine campaigns.

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