6 Thoughts on “I’M DUMPING FACEBOOK!

  1. Tried FB for a little while, then decided to quit. Tried to find out how to delete my personal acct , no way no how, they won’t let you. So I just abandoned the thing. I do use FB for sales of furniture from Chicken Coop Creations which is still there and also use Marketplace for sales too. Other than that I do not use of the social media out there, not worth my time or effort.

  2. I’m with you on dumping Facebook. I eliminated the icon from all my computers and phones couple of years ago. I do use messenger because I have a daughter and grandchild in Montreal, and Australia. On occasion, I will open an email from a Facebook user, but usually just to block them so I don’t have to look at the next one. I don’t use any other “social media platform”, so I can’t help you there.

  3. I use it almost totally for “free” comm with family and friends in Greece. Only reason I initiated it – while over there – to begin with. What I have noticed is how it serves so many egotists … and I think I’ll throw up the next time someone feels compelled to post a close-up photo of a plate of food! Ha!!!

  4. Quit using FB long time ago..worthless social media.
    Direct calls are better and even writing a letter.

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