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Please join us for our Spring Social!

The San Jose Police Foundation is having a Spring Social/Fundraiser on Sunday, May 21, 2023, between 1:30pm-4:30pm at La Foret Restaurant in New Almaden. La Foret will be serving the finest appetizers, desserts and Grandview Vineyards Wine. Meet our newest board members, spend time catching up with Chief Mata and AC Joseph, enter a raffle, bid on silent auction items, and listen to a special performance by San Jose’s own American Idol Finalist – Demi Rae Moreno. We are grateful to you all and thank you for your continued support. Please join us for this wonderful event!

Please RSVP:

 May 15-21, 2023


SJPD Memorial List as of May 9, 2023
(Alphabetical by last name:)

Retired Assistant Chief Fred Abram
Former Officer David Adams
Retired Officer Eugene Adams
Retired Sergeant Harley Adams
Retired Communications Dispatcher Roy Adams
Retired Officer Virginia Adams
Retired Reserve Officer Dave Aguilar
Retired Sergeant Jerry Allbericci
Retired Police Data Specialist II Pat Alesse
Officer Tom “Wings” Alexander
Retired Officer Jim Aligo
Retired Officer David Alvarez
Former Officer Edward Amaral
Retired Secretary Doreen Amburgy
Retired Reserve Officer Keith Anders
Retired Sergeant Andy Anderson
Retired Sr. Police Data Spec. Beverly “Jill” Anderson
Former Officer Mark Anderson
Retired Officer Frank Ankenbauer
Retired Officer Dick Anthony
Retired Reserve Officer George Argall
Dispatcher Teresa Arruda
Retired Officer Rod Avery
Retired Officer Robert Avila
Lieutenant Cecil Ayer
Retired Captain Joe Azzarello
Retired Officer Jim Baggott
Retired Sergeant Bill Bailey
Former Dispatcher Sally “Sally Dally” Bailey
Former Officer Lloyd Baker
Retired Sergeant Buck Ballard
Retired Captain Gordon “GG” Ballard
Retired Officer Gordon Ballard, Sr.
Former Officer Kenneth Banner
Former Reserve Officer Donald Baptist
Retired Officer Kenneth Barker
Retired Sergeant Jim Barnett
Retired Officer Ernie Barozzi
Retired Reserve Officer John Battaglia
Retired Lieutenant Terry Bauleke
Retired Sergeant Manny Becerra
Retired Officer Bill Bennett
Retired Sergeant Mark Bennett
Lieutenant Arnold “Arnie” Bertotti
Retired Sergeant Curt Bishop
Retired Sergeant Tony “Ants” Biskup
Retired Sergeant Don Black
Retired Police Chief John N. Black
Retired Sergeant Charles Blackmore
Retired Police Chief J.R “Ray” Blackmore
Retired Sergeant Terry Blackwood
Officer John BledsoeRetired Officer Truman Boman
Retired Officer Bill “Curly” Bond
Retired Sergeant Ron Bondi
Retired Officer Richard “Kentucky” Boone
Retired Officer Bud Bosque
Retired Officer Harold Bounds
Retired Asst. Chief Robert “Bob” Bradshaw
Retired Sergeant Curt Brandt
Former Reserve Officer Reggie Bravo
Officer Delia “Dede” Bravo-Carney
Retired Sergeant Dave Brickell
Retired Chaplain Dave Bridgen
Retired Officer Richard “Rocky” Bridges
Retired Captain William “Joe” Brockman
Retired Police Records Clerk II Wanda Brooks
Retired Captain Bill Brown
Retired Sergeant Gene Brown
Retired Officer Joshua Brown
Retired Sergeant Mike Brown
Former Officer Phil Brown
Retired Police Chief William Brown
Retired Sergeant Robert Browning
Retired Officer Gordon Bruce
Retired Sergeant Ralph Brune
Officer John Buck — Line of Duty
Sergeant John Buck, Jr.
Former Officer Runyon A. Buckalew
Retired Sergeant Lloyd Buffington
Officer Henry Bunch — Line of Duty
Retired Sergeant Chuck Burde
Former Typist Clerk II Betty Burk
Retired Sergeant Bobby Burroughs
Retired Dispatcher George Burton
Retired Officer Wilber “Ed” Bush
Retired Lieutenant Richard Cadenasso
Officer John Cahill
Officer Mike Caldarulo
Retired Officer Johnny Calderon
Retired Officer Raul Camarena
Retired Sergeant Bill Campbell
Retired Analyst Kathy Campbell
Retired Officer Art Campos
Former Officer Dan Campos
Retired Assistant Chief George Cannell
Retired Senior Dispatcher Alice Cano
Retired Sergeant John Canuel
Retired Sergeant Charles “Charlie” Cardona
Retired Typist Clerk III Velma Cardona
Retired Officer Gilbert “Bulldog” Cardoza
Former Fiscal Officer Bob Carlsen
Retired Sergeant George Carter
Retired Assistant Chief Joel Carter
Officer Desmond Casey — Line of Duty
Sergeant Paul Castillo
Retired Sergeant Glen Castlio
Retired Officer Dean Cates
Retired Staff Analyst Evelyn CavaRetired Police Records Clerk II Gloria Cavazos-Ramos
Retired Officer Ivan Chapel
Former Sergeant Hal Chapman
Former Officer Steve Chesley
Retired Alviso Chief Pat Chew
Police Data Specialist II Rosemarie Christensen
Retired Captain Bob Cleary
Retired Reserve Chief George Cochern
Former Officer Harold L. Cole
Retired Radio Dispatcher Don Coleman
Retired Chief of Detectives Bart Collins
Former Officer Billy Collins
Retired Lieutenant John “Jack” Collins
Retired Sergeant Anthony “Tony” Colón
Retired Dispatcher Jimmy Compton
Retired Sergeant Richard “Rick” Confer
Retired Sergeant Joe Conversa
Police Data Spec. II Marilyn Cordes
Retired Sergeant Jim Cornelius
Retired Officer Kent Cossey
Officer John Covalesk — Line of Duty
Sergeant Julian Covill
Retired Police Data Specialist Lillie Cox
Retired Officer Andy Crawford
Retired Officer Bill Creamer
Retired Officer Joe Cressa
Retired Reserve Officer Chuck Crowell
Officer Alejandro “Alex” Cruise
Retired Officer Betty Cunningham
Retired Officer Marvin “Marv” Curtiss
Retired Officer Ronald Daly
Police Data Specialist Patricia Darby
Retired Sergeant Larry Darr
Retired Officer Don Davis
Retired Police Records Clerk II Joan Davis
Former Officer Kirk Davis
Retired Officer Richard Davis
Retired Officer Jose DeLaCruz
Retired Officer George De La Rocha
Retired Officer Pete DeLuca
Retired Deputy Chief Don “D.O.” DeMers
Retired Sergeant Lawrence Demkowski
Former Sergeant John Diehl
Retired Deputy Chief Howard Donald
Retired I.D. Technician Peggy Donald
Assistant Police Chief Ross Donald
Retired Sergeant Ron Dowling
Retired Officer Dennis Duey
Retired Officer Bob Duffy
Officer John Duncan
Retired Sergeant Leo Dunn
Sergeant Lemar Dunson
Officer Pete Dupont
Retired Sergeant George Dwyer
Retired Officer Joe Earnshaw
Retired Sergeant Hugo Edes
Retired Lieutenant Don EdwardsSupervising Public Safety Disp. & Res. Dep. Chief Stan Edwards
Retired Reserve Officer Phil “Duke” Ellington
Retired Officer Paul Elorreaga
Former Sergeant Bob Emerson
Retired School Crossing Guard Winnie Emerson
Retired Officer Lou Emery
Retired Officer Walt Emery
Retired Sergenat Jim Emmons
Retired Lieutenant Bill Erfurth
Retired Officer Anton “Rich” Erickson
Sergeant Gerald “Gerry” (and Carroll Ann) Erickson
Retired Officer Richard “Dick” Erickson
Retired Sergeant Joe Escobar
Retired Officer Fred Esparza
Retired Officer Bob Evans
Retired Sergeant Dave “Porkchop” Evans
Retired Lieutenant Don Ewing
Former Officer Mitch Fagan
Officer Joe Falcao
Retired Sergeant Roy Farley
Retired Sergeant Paul Farlow
Retired Sergeant Fred Farnsworth
Retired Officer Charles “Chuck” Farrow
Former Officer Morgan Fay
Retired Lieutenant Bob Fazio
Former Officer Jake Ferguson
Former Legal Adviser and Reserve Officer Royce Fincher
Retired Officer Roger Finton
Retired Sergeant Fred Flesner
Retired Comm. Supervisor Beatrice “Bea” Fletcher
Officer Bill Fletcher
Retired Reserve Officer Robert Flinn
Retired Reserve Captain Charles “Chuck” Flores
Retired Sergeant Dave Flory
Former Officer Dennis S. Flynn
Officer Jeffrey Fontana — Line of Duty
Retired Police Records Clerk Maxine Fontes
Officer Tom Fowler
Retired Typist Clerk II Frances Franco
Retired Airport Officer Ross Frantz
Retired Officer Don Franzino
Retired Officer Mike Frazier
Retired Property & Evidence Manager JordonFreitas
Retired Reserve Officer Glenn Fudge
Sergeant Gordon Fujino
Retired Secretary Sally Funkhouser
Retired Officer Claud Furnare
Retired Sergeant Walt Gadsby
Retired Dispatcher Claire Gallagher
Retired Data Specialist Marietta Games
Sergeant Paul “Beans” Ganshirt
Retired Officer Kenneth Garino
Senior Account Clerk Darleen Garman
Former Reserve Officer Ray Garringer
Retired Sergeant Roy Garringer
Retired Messenger Clerk Salli Gathers
School Crossing Guard Jan GephartRetired Sergeant Ken Geppert
Retired Sergeant Hans “Westgate” Gerdts
Retired Lieutenant Bill Gergurich
Former Officer Cliff Gerlach
Retired Police Records Clerk Nina Gillette
Retired Officer Will Givin
Retired Senior Office Specialist Fran Goff
Retired Sergeant Gilbert Gonzales
Retired Lieutenant George Graham
Former Crime Data Analyst Mara Graves
Retired Officer Ray Gray
Retired Secretary Ruth Grayson
Retired Captain Leon Green
Retired Sergeant George “Bruce” Grigg
Retired Captain John GuerinRetired Sergeant Mike Guerin
Retired Officer Pete Guerin
Retired Sergeant Pete Guerin (Sr.)Retired Sergeant Lovell Guptill

Retired Officer Richard Gurley
Retired Officer Terry Guyton
Retired Sergeant Phillip Hada
Retired Sergeant Stan Hall
Retired Captain Lewis “Lew” Haller
Retired Officer Russell Hansen
Retired Police Records Clerk Betty Hanson
Retired Lieutenant Stan Hardman
Retired Dispatcher Ken Harness
Former Officer Bob Harpainter
VOLT Volunteer Bob Harris
Officer Marty Harris
Officer Tom (and Judy) Harris
Retired Officer James Hart
Retired Officer Joe Haslemann
Retired Officer Jim Healy
Retired Sergeant Steve Heck
Retired Officer Rick Heckel
Retired Sergeant Al Heiken
Retired Sergeant Jim Hellam
Retired Deputy Chief Eusevio “Ike” Hernandez
Retired Deputy Chief Luis Hernandez
Retired Officer Victor Hernandez
Retired Lieutenant Kenny Herrmann
Retired Captain Charles Hertell
Retired Policewoman Janet Hickey
Retired Typist Clerk Rae Hildebrand
Retired Lieutenant Richard “Dick” Hill
Retired Lieutenant Art Hilscher
Retired Dispatcher Betty Hixon
Retired Sergeant Jim Hober
Retired Sergeant Fred Hoffman
Retired Officer Vern Hoffman
Retired Officer Chuck Hogate
Retired Lieutenant Robert Hollars
Retired Captain Mel Hornbeck
Former Sergeant Howard Hornbuckle
Retired Assistant Police Chief Stan HortonSergeant Steve Howard
Retired Property and Evidence Manager Frank Howsman
Sergeant Morris Van Dyck Hubbard — Line of Duty
Officer Art Huckabay
Officer Richard Huerta — Line of Duty
Retired Sergeant Gary Hughes
Retired Captain Lyle Hunt
Retired Sergeant Richard Hunter
Former Policewoman Eunice (Long) Huntwork
VOLT Volunteer Diana Hurst
Retired Police Data Specialist II Sonia Husa
Retired Officer Ray Ireland
Retired Reserve Captain Ralph Izzarelli
Retired Police Data Spec. II Shirley Louise Jackson
Officer John Jacob
Retired Senior Analyst George Jacobson
Former Sergeant John Jaeger
Retired Senior Latent Print Examiner Donna Jewett
Retired Sergeant Merle Johns
Former Reserve Officer Alfred “AJ” Johnson
Officer Michael Johnson — Line of Duty
Retired Captain Tom “TJ” Johnson
Officer James “Tim” Jones
Retired Sergeant Ken Jordan
Retired Lieutenant Brian Johst
Retired Officer Roy Jueal
Former Officer Bob Kabrich
Retired Lieutenant Glenn Kaminsky
Retired Officer Bob Kasich
Officer Michael Katherman — Line of Duty
Retired Chief’s Secretary Gloria Kavanaugh
Retired Officer Bill Keeney
Retired Officer Frank Keffer, Sr.
Retired I.D. Technician Betty Keiser
Officer Keith Kelley
Retired Sergeant Bert Kelsey
Former Officer George Kemp
Retired Sergeant Tom Kennedy
Senior Police Records Clerk Verna Kennelly
Former Officer Mahlon Kent
Officer Terry Kepler
Former Sergeant Gus Kettman
Retired Officer Billy Key
Retired Sergeant Don Kidder
Retired Secretary Bernice King
Retired Communications Supervisor and Reserve Officer Charles King
Retired Sergeant Marty King
Retired Sergeant Fred Kingsley
Retired Sergeant Tom Kinney
Retired Officer Steve Kirkendall
Retired Deputy Chief Elmer Klein
Retired Analyst II Dick Kleiner
Retired Officer Dick Knell
Retired Lieutenant Art Knopf
Retired Sergeant Ken Kocina
Sergeant Ted Korth
Retired Officer Vic KosikAirport Officer Dick Kountz
Retired Officer John Kregel
Retired Lieutenant Floyd Kuehnis
Retired Sergeant Harold “Hal” Lail
Retired Photographer John Lancaster
Retired Officer Ken Lanch
Senior Analyst Emanuel “Manny” Landeros
Officer Carter (and Marsha) Langdon
Officer Jim “Red Dog” Larsen
Former Officer Jerry Law
Retired Officer Bill Leavy
Retired Sergeant Ronald Ledesma
Retired Officer Bob Ledford
Retired Sergeant Ray “The Deacon” Lee
Former Officer Larry LeFall
Retired Officer James Leroy
Officer Michael Lewandowski
Retired Dispatcher Ralph Libby
Officer Charles “Chuck” Lintern
Retired Sergeant Bob Lira
Retired Officer Jim Lisius
Retired Sergeant Dave Longaker
Account Clerk II Marion Lopaus
Retired Officer Dan Lopez
Retired Supervising Police Data Specialist Francine Lopez-Inami
Retired Officer Relles “Ray” Lopez
Retired Officer Herman Lorenz
Retired Officer Mike Lowry
Former Officer Dave Luna
Former Officer Tom “TB” Lyons
Former Chaplain John MacDonald
Retired School Crossing Guard Johanna Machado
Retired Sergeant Bill Maddox
Public Safety Dispatcher II Keao Mai
Retired Officer Roger Malcolm
Retired County Dispatcher Belinda Maldonado
Former Reserve Officer Tim Malley
Typist Clerk II Beth Malnburg
Retired Sergeant Jim Manthey
Former Officer John “Jack” Marlo
Retired Airport and Reserve Officer Bob Marotz
Sergeant Elliott “Tiny” Mars
Former Sergeant Floyd Marshall
Retired Police Data Specialist II Anita Martin
Retired Sergeant Jay Martin
Retired Dispatcher Jean Martin
Reserve Officer Pete Martin
Retired Airport Police Officer Edward Martinez
Retired Sergeant Raul Martinez, Sr.
Retired Reserve Officer Ray Martinez
Retired Officer John Martorano
School Crossing Guard Eleanor Maruca
Retired Reserve Officer Lou Masella
Retired Officer Roland Mason
Retired Sgt. John Mattern
Retired Officer William Mattos
Retired Disp. Thaddeus “Tedd” Casimer MatusiewiczRetired Officer William Mauldin
Senior Police Data Specialist Frances McCabe
Retired Officer Norman McCain
Retired Captain E. Dale McCay
Retired Sergeant O.D. McClinnan
Retired Sergeant Earl McClure
Former Officer Garth McCormick
Retired Lieutenant Glenn McCourtie
Sergeant Mark McDaniel
Retired Lieutenant Patrick McGuire
Retired Deputy Chief Ed McKay
Retired Deputy Chief Bill McKenzie
Retired Officer William McLean III
Former Officer Brian McNamara
Retired Police Chief Joe McNamara
Police Data Specialist II Danny McNott
Retired Sergeant Dan McTeague
Police Property Specialist Tarr Mehary
Retired Officer Bob Meheula
Retired Lieutenant Lloyd Meister
Lieutenant Ed Melz
Retired Office Specialist II Chris Mendoza
Senior Police Records Clerk Shirley Merrill
Retired Sergeant Dwight Messimer
Retired Sergeant Liz Michaelsen
Retired Sergeant Art Miller
Retired Officer Dorothy Miller
Retired Sergeant Herb Miller
Retired Sergeant Jess Miller
Retired Sergeant Roland “Rolly” Miller
Former Officer Steve Miller
Former Records Clerk Toni Miller
Former Sergeant Carl Mills
Retired Officer John Mitchell
Retired Sergeant Wilbur Mitchell
Officer Jose “Joe” Molina
Retired Sergeant Charles “Chuck” Molosky
Former Officer Martin Monica
Retired Officer Ann Moore
Retired Lieutenant. Bruce “Blue Eyes” Moore
Retired Sergeant Dewey Moore
Retired Sergeant Don “Santa Clara Sam” Moore
Retired Sergeant Don Moore
Retired Assistant Policewoman Sharon Moore
Officer Rogelio “Roger” Moreno
Retired Exec. Admin. Secretary Bonnie Morganthaler
Retired Chief Dispatcher Ron Morrill
Retired Police Records Clerk Ruth Morrison
Retired Dispatcher Antoinette “Fi Fi” Morse
Retired Officer Ken Morss
Retired Officer James Morton
Retired Sergeant Gene Moss
Retired Sergeant John Mosunic
Retired Officer Ron Mozley
Retired Officer Fred “Moon” Mullins
Former Officer Harry Munro
Retired Officer Pat MurphyRetired Sergeant Charles Murray
Former Officer Joshua Murray
Retired Chief Communications Dispatcher Ron Murrell
Retired Chief Dispatcher Hank Murtha
Retired Officer Len Myers
Retired Typist Clerk II Amy Nagareda
Retired Sergeant Tom Nagengast
VOLT Volunteer Marynell Naughton
Retired Officer Annie (Hally) Navin
Former Officer Glen Neece
Former Crime Prevention Spec. Marlin “Cotton” Neufeld
Retired Sergeant Rex Newburn
Reserve Officer Jack Nichols
Retired Sergeant Michael Nichols
Former Officer Kevin Nishita
Retired Police Data Specialist Helene Norman
Officer Alvey “Al” North
Retired Lieutenant Phillip Norton
Retired Dispatcher Linda Norwood
Officer John Nunes
Retired Sergeant Ray O’Beirne
Former Reserve Officer Terry O’Connell
Former Officer Tommy O’Connell
Retired Sergeant Dexter O’Day
Retired Officer James O’Day
Retired Officer Ed Oiseth, Jr.
Retired Dispatcher Ed “Radio Ed” Oiseth, Sr.
Officer DeJon Packer
Retired Secretary Carolyn Page
Retired Police Records Clerk II Phyllis Papa
Retired Officer Tony Pappalardo
Former Officer David ParbstRetired Crime Prevention Specialist May Parlee
Retired Officer John Patrick
Retired Typist Clerk II Lyn Patrino
Former Officer and Retired Reserve Lieutenant George Payton
Retired Police Data Specialist Eleanor Peeler
Former Sergeant John Percival
Retired Lieutenant Tom Perez
Retired Sergeant John Periman
Retired Officer Bruce Petersen
Retired Officer Charles “Chuck” Petersen
Retired Lieutenant Fred Petersen
Retired Dispatcher Shirley Petersen
Retired Steno Clerk Carole Peterson
Retired Sergeant Courtney “Court” Peterson
Retired Sergeant Bill Phelan
Former Officer Scott Phelps
Former Sergeant Arthur “Art” Philpot
Retired Officer Mervin Pierce
Retired Officer Joe Pinkston
Retired Police Data Specialist Betty Poe
Retired Sergeant Bill Poelle
Retired Lieutenant Dave Pollock
Retired Typist Clerk II Charlene Poole
Retired Officer John Porter
Former Officer John PowellRetired Captain Eddie Pracna
Retired Assistant Chief Jay Propst
Retired Officer Dante “Dan” Provasi
Former Dispatcher John Puckett
Property and Evidence Tech John Puckett
Retired Officer William “Willie” Puckett
Retired Lieutenant Norvel Pulliam
Park Ranger Todd Quick
Retired Typist Clerk II Phyllis Quirley
Former Officer Dennis Radabaugh
Former Officer William Radunich
Retired Officer Frank Rafferty
Retired Sergeant Lloyd Ralston
Retired Officer Anthony “Tony” Ranada
Retired Latent Print Supervisor Ken Raney
Retired Secretary Pauline Rasmussen
Retired Sergeant Hal Ratliff
Senior Steno Clerk Constance Ravenstein
Retired Police Data Spec. II Carlotta Redmond
Retired Secretary Carol Handcock Reed
Retired Officer John Reinert
Retired Officer Juan Reyes
Sergeant Richard “Rich” Reyes
Former Police Data Specialist Jayme Rice
Retired Sergeant Jack RichardsRetired Secretary Annette Richter
Retired Officer Ed Ricketts
Retired Sergeant James Roach
Retired Office Specialist Clara “Marie” Roberts
Retired Lieutenant Manoah “Rob” Robison
Retired Records Supervisor Maggie Roe
Retired Sergeant Dalton Rolen
Retired Officer Chad “Coach” Rolston
Retired Lieutenant Steve Ronco
Retired Police Data Spec. II Dolores Rosamond
Retired Officer Dennis Rosario
Officer Miguel “Mike” Rosas
Retired Officer Wendell Rose
Retired Officer Gregg Rosendin
Retired Lieutenant Charlie Roy
Retired Officer Russ Royal
Retired Officer Tony Russo
Former Sergeant George Sachtleben
Retired Identification Officer Bernice Sadler
Retired Reserve Sergeant Hector Salcido
Officer Juan Salcido
Retired Officer Paul Salerno
Retired Officer Dwight Salsbury
Former Reserve Officer Lernie Samatua
Retired Sergeant David Samsel
Retired Officer Jess Sanchez
Officer Margaret Sandez
Retired Police Records Supervisor Connie Sandoval
Retired Officer David Sandoval
Retired Sergeant Roy Sanfilippo
Retired Lieutenant Greg Sargent
Retired Latent Print Examiner Vic Sartin
Former Officer Leo Saunders
Former Officer Ray Saunders
Retired Officer Charles “Charlie” Schaefer
Retired Officer Paul Schmidt
Former Officer Michael Schneickert
Retired Identification Technician Frances Schotenheimer
Retired Sergeant Hank Schriefer
Retired Police Data Specialist Elsie Schrull
Retired Chief’s Secretary Barbara Schulze
Retired Officer Herman Schwandt
Retired Sergeant Garyn Scott
Retired Captain Tom Scribner
Former Officer Ed Sekaquaptewa
Retired P/T Typist Clerk II Regina Sellarole
Retired Sergeant Clarence Shannon
Senior Police Records Clerk Gretta Shannon
Retired Assistant Chief Thomas Shigemasa
Sergeant Chris (and Lynn) Shimek
Retired Captain Tom Short
Retired Officer Paul Shuman
Retired Officer Ken Siegel
Retired Sergeant Bob Silfvast
Officer Gordon Silva — Line of Duty
Retired Senior Police Records Clerk Ruth Silverstein
Officer Gene Simpson — Line of Duty
Retired Sergeant Bob Sims
Retired Sergeant Bill Sims
Retired Dispatcher Ethel Sims
Retired City & Police Photographer Dan Sisto
Former Dispatcher Jim Slater
Retired Officer Glenn Smiley
Retired Officer Bill “Smitty” Smith
Retired Police Data Specialist II Charlotte Smith
Retired Sergeant Jim Smith
Retired Property Specialist Justin Smith
Retired Officer Lew Smith
Retired Sergeant Ron Smith
Retired Officer William “Wil” Smoke
Retired Officer Darrin Smolinski
Retired Public Safety Dispatcher Lisa Smyth
Retired Officer George Springer
Retired Lieutenant Ken Stagg
Retired Police Data Specialist II Dorothy Stang
Retired Officer Mario Stefanini
Retired Assistant Policewoman Clarice “Tawny” Stelzer
Retired Officer Dave (Watry) Stengel
Retired Sergeant Joe Stewart
Former Officer LeMoine “Lee” Stille
Retired Dispatcher Howard Stout
Retired Deputy Chief Larry Stuefloten
Retired Sergeant Marc Sturdivant
Retired Chief’s Secretary Mary Sugimoto
Retired Juvenile Sergeant Stella Sullivan
Director of Communications Lyman Swan
Garage Attendant Frank Sypert
Retired Lieutenant Larry Tambellini
Retired Officer Frank TannerRetired Sergeant Ed “Gramps” Tennant
Retired Dispatcher Jim Terra
Retired Sergeant Glenn Terry
Retired Lieutenant Jim Terry
Retired Police Data Specialist Margaret “Maggie” Terry
Lieutenant Larry Thannisch
Former Sergeant Steve Thatcher
Reserve Captain Cal Thomas
Retired Sergeant Richard Thomas
Retired Sergeant Gary Thompson
Retired Secretary Nadine Thompson
Former Reserve Lieutenant Greg Thul
Former Officer Forrest Tittle
Retired Reserve Sergeant Sixto “Toby” Tobias
Former Officer Donna Tonry
Retired Sergeant Harold “Hal” Toussaint
Retired Dispatcher Ron Townsend
Account Clerk Pauline Trevisano
Retired Sergeant John Trussler
Retired Officer Phyllis Trussler
Former Reserve Officer Ron Tsukomoto
Retired Officer Dick Tush
Officer Melecio Ubarre
Former Officer Mitch Ucovich
Retired Captain Ron Utz
Clerk Typist Marlene Uyehara
Retired Officer Carlos Valencia
Dispatcher and Reserve Officer Tom Vanderpriem
Retired Sergeant Mike Van Dyck
Lieutenant Ernie Vasquez
Retired Officer Joe Vasta
Retired Reserve Captain James “Jim” Vinson Sr.
Retired Reserve Deputy Chief Julio Viola
Retired Officer Joe Vittoe
Former Officer Al Voight
Retired Officer Daniel Wagener
Retired Secretary Alice Wagner
Retired Sergeant Seymour “Sy” Wakeman
Retired Officer Bill Walker
Retired Officer Ray Ward
Retired Officer Maury Warner
Retired Sergent Bob Warrick
Retired Sergeant Lloyd Warthan
Former Officer Vern Watson
Officer Carl and Patricia Watt
Retired Officer Steve Weesner
Retired Sergeant Larry Weir
Retired Officer Rich Weiser
Retired Sergeant Bill Wells, Sr.
Retired Officer Jay Wendling
Retired Lieutenant Merlin “Wheat” Wheatley
Retired Acting Chief Tom Wheatley
Officer Robert White — Line of Duty
Retired Officer Fred Whitley
Retired Garage Attendant Freddie “3-Wheeler” Whitmarsh
Retired Officer Leroy Widman
Retired Sergeant William “Bill” WienRetired Sergeant Ron Williams
Former Sergeant John Willis
Retired Lieutenant Jack Wilson
Retired Sergeant Leland “Lee” Wilson
Retired Secretary Maxine Wilson
Retired Captain Stephen F. Windisch
Former Sergeant Frank Winkler
Retired Officer Stephen Wininger
Retired Lieutenant Preston “Pres” Winters
Officer Bob Wirht — Line of Duty
Retired Officer Bill Wiskel
Retired Sergeant Bill Wittmann
Retired Lieutenant Jack Woodall
Retired Sergeant Jason Woodall
Retired Sergeant Doug Wright
Former Officer Douglas Wright
Retired Officer Orville Yarbrough
Former Officer William “Sharpshooter” Young
Retired Officer Richard “Dick” Yuhas


10 Thoughts on “NATIONAL POLICE WEEK MAY 15-21

  1. I read through all the names. So many stories, memories flooding back. Faces and voices.
    Thank you all.

  2. As I scan the list I found myself thinking “remember the time when……” with many of the folks listed. What a privilege to have worked and served with such a collection of dedicated people.

  3. Many fine names on the list of deceased. It was a pleasure working with them. I had some good memories recaptured when reading the list. Thanks.

  4. Leroy, thank you for your faithfullness in doing all of this, you are a blessing to many people. God bless you. bill

  5. All the memories brought to the forefront when reading the list from SJPD. It was the best time of my life working with all those people in the 60’s and 70’s. I was proud to be a San Jose police officer and have the honor of working along side those departed members of the best police department in the country. Thanks for publishing the list.

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