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 The 1st Marine Division Association, Silicon Valley Chapter

Is Hosting the 7th Annual SOS Breakfast On 20 May 2023

Come to the Moffett Field Museum

From 10:00 to Noon

All Marines and Corpsmen welcome

Bring a Buddy or Spouse

       SOS on bread, juice, fruit and coffee-$25 ea. Fee to cover Costs

RSVP by Thursday May 18th: Mike Welsh mikewelsh53@hotmail.com 415-999-0302

The Guest Speaker is

Joel A. Van Brunt, Col. USMCR of Defense Innovation Unit

 Ernie Alcantar, President  
  Curtis Jackson, Vice President

 Larry Lundberg, Treasurer

Cindy Buell, Sgt. at Arms

 Ken Jacksteit, Editor

Mattos Mail Bag!

Hello all,

A reminder; PBA meeting on Wednesday May 17th, doors open at 5:00 PM.

The annual San Jose Police Memorial was held yesterday.
The event had a last minute change of venue due to weather concerns from PAB to the Church on the Hill, off of Curtner.
The Department was well represented and as well as the fallen officers family members.
Kudos to the Department’s Honor Guard members and the San Jose Police Emerald Society Band for their selection to the National Police Memorial Week activities next week.

The family of Lt. Bill Erfurth will be conducting a Celebration of Life for Bill at the POA Hall on Tuesday, May 30th, commencing at 3:00 pm.

A scheduling conflict with the June PBA meeting was resolved when the annual Keith Kelley BBQ was moved to June 28th.
I very much appreciate the Keith Kelley board making the change so members may attend both events.

The May breakfast/brunch was held on Thursday, May 4th and the group was joined by Chief Mata and Asst. Chief Joseph who kindly made time from their busy schedule.

Left to Right:
Larry Lundberg, Jerry Smith, Ernie Alcantar, Steve Caraway, Susie Anino, Craig Clifton, Pat Dwyer, Bill Santos, Armando Realyvasquez, Ted Vasquez, George Padilla, Pete Aguilar, Chief Mata, Asst. Chief Joseph, Gilbert Torres, Dan Archie, Dave Byers, Terry Handforth, Jaime Saldivar, Ray Gonzales, Dave Wysuph, Phil Rodgers, Wil Montano, Doug Zwemke, Pete Scanlan

Bill Lara, Chief Mata, Ray Gonzales, Jerry Smith, Pete Aguilar,
Asst. Chief Joseph

Gilbert Torres, George Padilla, Bill Lara, Pete Aguilar, Chief Mata,
Asst. Chief Joseph

Larry Lundberg, Jerry Smith, Steve Caraway, Susan Anino,
Craig Clifton

Gilbert Torres, Dan Archie, Dave Byers, Terry Handforth, Jaime Saldivar

Jaime Saldivar, Ray Gonzales, Dave Wysuph, Wil Montano

Wil Montano, Doug Zwemke, Pete Scanlan, Phil Rodgers

Pat Dwyer, Bill Santos, Armando Realyvasquez, Ted Vasquez,
George Padilla

Wishing Vice-President Curtis Jackson a swift recovery from his surgical procedure.
He should be back in action in a couple of months.

Thank you,

Ernie Alcantar
PBA President

SJPD Cinco de Mayo Weekend Operations

Post Date: 05/05/2023 7:40 AM


The San José Police Department’s objective is to facilitate a safe environment during the Cinco de Mayo weekend. Historically, San José has drawn large crowds of people who gather in celebration of the holiday. The majority of people who visit Downtown and East San José during Cinco de Mayo are law abiding. However, in past years, the celebration has also historically attracted individuals that have been responsible for various crimes, including vandalism, and sideshows.

In an effort to ensure families and visitors can celebrate safely, the Department is deploying additional personnel and resources to adequately address any public safety issues that may arise. Residents living in the Downtown area, the King Road corridor between McKee Road and Tully Road or Story Road and Jackson Road should expect vehicular and pedestrian traffic delays, and are urged to use alternate routes. In addition, unplanned traffic diversions may be activated in other areas where congestion occurs. Officers may utilize traffic diversions to reduce gridlock along major arterial roadways, and freeway exits that normally feed into congested areas. Traffic diversions not only facilitate the flow of traffic but also reduce the likelihood of disturbances which can escalate into violence. If needed, vehicle/traffic diversions will be activated to include the Downtown area and parts of the Foothill Division (Located in East San José).

Every effort will be made to allow residents residing in or near the area affected by potential road closures the ability to leave and return to their residences without unreasonable delay. Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) buses will be allowed through diversion points.

Pedestrian diversions are also utilized to prevent congestion and property damage that often results when large groups gather. Again, Officers will make every effort to accommodate residents who live nearby and are simply trying to go home. At times Officers may not be able to safely stop traffic to address specific questions from single vehicles when hundreds of vehicles are clogging an intersection. A patrol Officer’s primary responsibility is to keep the neighborhood safe and reduce gridlock traffic so that emergency vehicles have access to all neighborhoods in an emergency.

SJPD has also dedicated additional resources to respond to sideshow activity. Sideshow spectators can be issued citations or arrested, and face fines up to $1,000. Drivers participating in sideshows can expect $3,000-$4,000 in fines and a 30-day impound of their vehicle. Do not participate in these dangerous sideshows; it’s just not worth it.

The San José Police Department asks those who will be visiting Downtown or East San José this weekend to celebrate Cinco de Mayo safely and responsibly.

BY: Officer Steve Aponte #4390  —  AUTHORIZED BY: Assistant Chief Paul Joseph #3148
DATE: 5/5/2023 TIME: 8:00 AM  —  DATE: 5/5/2023 TIME: 8:00 AM


Interesting Road!
As the entire globe works toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions, electric vehicles have certainly become the cars of the present and the future. Accommodating them, though, requires more infrastructure like charging stations, and in the case of Sweden, a charging highway.
The Nordic nation is building the world’s first permanent electrified road, which will charge EVs as they cruise along it. The goal of the updated roadway, which connects the cities of Hallsberg and Örebro, is to allow cars to go longer distances without having to stop and wait at charging stations.
Sweden has previously proven the technology with a pilot program on the island of Gotland, creating the first temporary electric road (pictured above). “We think the electrification solution is the way forward for decarbonizing the transport sector,” Jan Pettersson, Director of Strategic Development at Sweden’s transport administration, Trafikverket, told Euronews Next.
The new project is set for completion in 2025, the outlet reports — learn more about the technology behind the innovation below. How It Will Work

A Drawing Is Worth A Thousand Words




Do you know your blood type?I asked old Maude how she lost her husband. She told me her sad story.“Well, Norman needed a blood transfusion, but his blood type was not on record, so the doctors asked me if I knew what it was? They urgently needed to know, in order to save my Norman’s life.“Tragically, I’ve never known his blood type, so I only had time to sit and say goodbye.“I’ll never forget how supportive my Norman was. Even as he was fading away, he kept on whispering to me, “Be positive, be positive!“That was my Norman! Always thinking of others.”

Alexander, Bruce

Blackstock, Carroll

Cadenasso, Rich (Deceased)

Chamness, Hank

Cook, John

Cortez, Darrell

DeCock, Gabby

Ellsworth, Larry

Emery, Lou (Deceased)

Erfurth, Bill

Gardner, Paul


May Birthdays

Handa, Mitch

Hughes, Gary (Deceased)

Kocina, Ken (Deceased)

Kubo, Vince

McCall, George

McCready, Tom

McCulloch, Allen

Otter, Larry

Petersen, Bruce (Deceased)

Powers, Bill

Punneo, Norm

Pyle, Leroy 🙂

Raymond, Greg

Seaman, Scott

Silva, Bill

Tenant, Ed (Deceased)

Tomas, Christina

Usoz, Steve

Vasquez, Dan

Vasquez, Daniel

Vasquez, Ted

Waggoner, Bill

Witmer, Dave

Wright, Doug (Deceased)


Ain’t it the truth!

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  1. So darened glad to see the Annual Police Memorial continues as initiated! Excellent and totally due respect to our lost brothers.

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