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Leroy –
     I do not have a phone number for you. I hate to break the news via e-mail, but Pops passed away on Tuesday, 2/21. He had a heart attack while shopping. A bystander performed CPR until the paramedics arrived. They transported him to San Ramon Regional, he still had a pulse, though the had coded a couple of times. Doctors did all they could, but it was not enough. At least my nephew was there by his side and talked to him, though Pops was unresponsive.
My sister and I flew in from Indiana on Wednesday morning. I will be heading back to IN on Sunday and Suzanne will be returning on Monday. At this point in time there will be no services, as per Pops’ wishes. We do plan on having a ‘Celebration of Life’, maybe in June for both Mom and Dad. We had been planning on celebrating Pops’ 90th in 3 weeks. All of us kids were going to be there – first time in a while all of us where there. Sucks!!!
Anyway, hate to be the bearer of bad news. Feel free to call me, if you’d like more info/details. 

Pops – Joe Devane – Pictures



Hey Leroy:
I was looking over the agenda for next week’s Retirement Board.  Apparently, Retired Police Officer Billy Key #1217 passed away on January 2, 2023.  He retired on March 3, 1983.

(After Editor’s note: Unable to find info in commemorative album, will notify if further info obtained.)

Good afternoon,

My name is Katalina Torres and I am an officer with SJPD. This summer I am hosting a benefit for the chaplaincy. There will be raffle prizes, games, food and drink and all proceeds will go to the San Jose police chaplaincy. The flyer has been approved by the chief’s office and I was wondering if I could get it published in the Farsider. If you have any questions please let me know, Thank you!!
Ofc. Torres #4946

Paul Revere Never Shouted, ‘The British Are Coming!’

“The British are coming! The British are coming!”

Early American patriot Paul Revere shouted these famous words as he raced from town to town during his midnight ride in April 1775, right?

Alas, he did not

Revere’s midnight ride really did happen, though. As a revolutionary, he was involved with protest and intelligence networks that sought to challenge British authority in the North American colonies. In April 1775, British regular troops were on the move, and Revere had the job of alerting fellow patriots to their movement. 

Because his mission was supposed to be under the radar, he did not shout the intelligence, and likely referred to the troops as “regulars.” Moreover, the communities he passed through were technically British, so saying “the British are coming” would not have made sense. 

The public owes its imagining of Revere’s famous ride to 19th-century American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. In 1860, he published the poem “Paul Revere’s Ride,” which ensured that the nearly forgotten Boston patriot would always be remembered. 

The Scientific Reason Your Wife Is Always Right: View HERE
87 year old Jane Friedman, a resident on the Menorah Park Campus, sings her heart out with a smile about the perils of aging… who’s that gal in the mirror! View HERE


Why don’t seagulls fly by the bay?
Because then they would be bagels!



After so many requests I feel it’s time to show my ass to the world. It’s up to you to determine who is who.

Editors Note: Ron sent me a copy of his book to read and write an evaluation. I read it but I couldn’t best this review by Caliber Press magazine:


“Justus for All” Book-2 In the series
Calibre Press Magazine
Justus for All
By Ron Martinelli
A book review by Dave Grossi
To borrow a baseball analogy, Ron Martinelli is now “2 for 2.” This second Wade Justus book, Justus for All, went considerably faster for me than his first novel, Absolute Justus. Maybe that’s because I just couldn’t put the darn thing down, or perhaps it’s because I knew the two main characters from the first book. So, for a little lost sleep, I fished this fast-paced novel in one beach read. But even if you’ve never read Absolute Justus, the character development in this second work is excellent. The scene is Florence, Italy.
I’m of Italian descent and a past visitor to the “old country.” While my grandparents were from the southern part of Italy, mainly Sorrento and the Naples region, I’ve spent some time in central Italy, the city of Florence and the Tuscany region where Justus for All is set.
In this second novel, retired Texas Ranger Wade Justus and his son, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent Hunter, have embarked on a well deserved vacation to Italy. Recovering emotionally and physically from a horrible serial sexual murder investigation that took place months earlier in Nashville, Wade and Hunter have settled in with the family of an Italian police officer friend of Hunter, Investigator Lida Aldobrandini.
Even if you’re not into novels with a foreign setting, this thriller could’ve been set in Cleveland, Newark, or LA. This page-turner takes place over a seven day period and involves Wade and Hunter’s participation in a Middle Eastern terrorist threat bent murdering the President of Italy who’s visiting the city of Florence. That’s just the first two chapters. Mingled in with the sights around Florence, the novel’s main theme revolves around the working relationship between Wade and Investigator Aldobrandini after Hunter is wounded.
This piece reads like a movie script; fast-paced, filled with cop intrigue and the extremely accurate investigative techniques so familiar to us in the law enforcement industry. However, even those not ingrained in the police culture won’t be able to put this thriller down. I’m tempted to divulge more of what happens in this book, but I don’t want to spoil it for the reader who picks up Ron’s second Wade Justus novel. However, when you mix one retired Texas Ranger, a TBI special agent, add in a beautiful kick-ass female Italian police officer, and throw it several Middle Eastern terrorists just for grins, needless to say, the body count tends to increase. The rest as they say is “history.”
Speaking of history, in case you missed my first book review on Absolute Justus, here’s some background on the author. Ron Martinelli is a retired detective from the San Jose, Calif. PD. He also happens to have a PhD in Criminology, is a certified medical investigator and testifies frequently as an expert in police civil suits. While his professional creds may not seem irrelevant to his writing skills, his books are replete with accurate descriptions of the police culture, our investigative procedures, and tactics, as well as the forensics behind the crime-solving process we professionals use in closing cases. Cop or not, you’ll enjoy this read.
Published by Page Publishing.
Available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iTunes and WadeJustus.com.
About the author:
Dave Grossi is a retired police lieutenant from upstate NY now residing in southwest FL. He was the Lead Instructor for the Calibre Press, Inc. Street Survival Seminars from 1988 through 2000.
Leroy – The reviews for my newest novel in the Wade Justus mystery thriller series, “Border Justus,” keep coming in. March is Amazon’s book award month. If your readers are interested in a fast-paced action thriller, I hope that they consider buying Border Justus and getting into the Wade Justus Texas Ranger series. Paperbacks and ebooks are for sale on Amazon now, but please wait until March 1st to build my credits for another Best-Seller.
I recently had the great pleasure to review Ron Martinelli’s latest book, “Border Justus.” Dr. Ron Martinelli is a nationally renowned forensic criminologist. Ron, who is a prolific writer, is a retired San Jose (CA) Police Department detective and a recent transplant to the Texas Hill Country. I don’t believe this area has seen such an intriguing author since Peter Cedarstacker quit writing for The Comfort News.

I had previously read Ron’s book on Black Lives Matter.” The Truth Behind the Black Lives Matter Movement and the War on Police”. This facts-based insight into the Black Lives Matter political organization destroys numerous popular false narratives regarding BLM.”
“Dr. Ron’s latest novel, the third in a series, follows Texas Ranger Wade Justus, now retired. The story starts with a friend and fellow retired Ranger who is now the sheriff of a small New Mexico county. When the sheriff’s son is kidnapped by the Cartel, The Sheriff finds himself outgunned by the Cartel and left hanging in the breeze by the Feds. Ranger Justus is called upon to provide help to rescue the son from Mexico. Realistically portraying today’s illegal alien problem and those ties with the Mexican Cartels, Ron provides an exciting, hard to put down, story that realistically reflects the actual problem today’s law enforcement officers face.
This book is a great, exciting read. Get it!!”
Edward Vogt
Kendall County, TX Judge (Retired)
 I personally want to thank all of the SJPD Family for supporting my writing. BTW, we will have a new Wade Justus Texas Ranger website up shortly. Orders for personalized/autographed books will be taken in about 3 weeks once they arrive from the publisher. Order autographed books at: www.wadejustus.com.

Harry Mullins throwback TBT- 1963 Gary Powers & I sword fighting on the bridge over Sinbad Creek in Kilkare Woods, Sunol CA. No major cuts or bloodletting.

The mainstream media was wall-to-wall with praise this week for Joe Biden’s unannounced visit with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in observance of the first anniversary of the Russian invasion on 24 February 2022.

Problem is, it’s NOT the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the irony of Biden’s pop-in is that Vladimir Putin did not dare expand his territorial invasion when Donald Trump was president, only doing so once Biden was in office … again. Fact is, the Russo-Ukrainian War began nine years ago on 20 February 2014.

Biden Pentagon Orders Military Chaplains To Bless Putting Male Soldiers In Female Showers And Bedrooms: Story HERE


CCP government ‘intentionally released’ COVID-19 ‘all over the world,’ Chinese virologist says

“Of course, it was not an accident,”

Dr. Li Meng Yan says the CCP underestimated the virus’ transmissibility FULL STORY HERE
Editor’s Note: Dunno about you folks, but between the spread of Covid (read HERE)and the influx of Fentanyl (read HERE), it is obvious that the Chinese government is responsible for millions and millions of American deaths these past few years! That is cause for war…..


Washington Post Reviews ‘Every Possible Regulatory Change’ Made Under Trump, Finds None Contributed to East Palestine Train Derailment. STORY HERE



‘Who The Hell Do You Think You Are!’: Boebert Explodes At Ex-Twitter Exec For Shadow-Banning Her

shit!!!!! who was the mechanic
What can cause blindness or instant nausea


This Is Why 7 Million Men Refuse to Work, According to Dave Ramsey

Ramsey’s take

Ramsey primarily blames the women in their lives for what he refers to as the “wussification of America.” Ramsey said, “As a parent, you suck because your kids have no grit.” He then tells mothers to throw their 25-year-old out of their basements and teach them to work.

Ramsey goes on to say that these mothers are not only doing a disservice to their sons but also to their neighbors, America, and the mental health industry.

The financial guru wraps up by saying that the government, mothers, and live-in girlfriends are enabling unemployed men. FULL STORY HERE

Take up golf and it will help you relax


Babo, a male dancer, has been blind since childhood.

In a house fire…in order to protect him, his mother held him tightly in her arms and jumped from the 7th floor. His mother died as a result, and the little Babo became blind due to hemorrhage in his eyes. His mother was an ice skater before she died. Babo also had a soft spot for ice skating.

Although he couldn’t see anything, he still pursued ice skating dance enthusiastically.

He danced the famous Tango…La Cumparsita with his partner at the World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki.

1. His ears can measure the surrounding sound and distance like a bat.

2. The female dancer is very amazing. She danced with him and led him for a long time. Most of the whole process was led by her, and Babo followed her to perform difficult movements.



Who would have thought that he had 22 fractures in his body?
His amazing perseverance!

Snoop Dog

Chicago Tribune re: Washington Redskins letter


The  to overturn the 2020 election may have jeopardized the investigation into the former President with a series of tell-all interviews.


This morning (August 9th) before noon Ron passed away. The pain has ended. On behalf of his family, Mike, John and myself, we want to thank everyone for your wonderful responses. You may not realize just how much they mean. 
There will be no service. Ron has requested he be cremated and his ashes spread on the property he loved so much.
Again, calls not requested at this time. God bless you all.
Pete Salvi

FROM PETE SALVI: It’s been 6 months since my friend and car partner Ron Mozley died. I miss calling and catching up and when something happens to remind me of a war story. Don’t forget your friends. Something to be cherished. God bless!

There has been some confusion regarding who/when/what my friends list looks like. I have acquired 3-4 FB pages over the years.
To clear things up, my current page contains the following picture:

History of the middle finger/only a little naughty
Well, now……here’s something I never knew before, and now that I know it, I feel compelled to send it on to my more intelligent friends in the hope that they, too, will feel edified.
Before the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, the French, anticipating victory over the English, proposed to cut off the middle finger of all captured English soldiers. Without the middle finger it would be impossible to draw the renowned English longbow and therefore they would be incapable of fighting in the future. This famous English longbow was made of the native English Yew tree, and the act of drawing the longbow was known as ‘plucking the yew’ (or ‘pluck yew’).
Much to the bewilderment of the French, the English won a major upset, and they began mocking the French by waving their middle fingers at the defeated French, saying, See, we can still pluck yew! Since ‘pluck yew’ is rather difficult to say, the difficult consonant cluster at the beginning has gradually changed to a labiodental fricative ‘F’, and thus the words often used in conjunction with the one-finger-salute! It is also because of the pheasant feathers on the arrows used with the longbow that the symbolic gesture is known as ‘giving the bird.’

And yew thought yew knew every plucking thing


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