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Jericho Gone
Tonight, I had to do one of the hardest things in my life. My great buddy and companion Jericho was put down. He had been in failing health for several months, but with a special diet and pain medication was doing OK.  Tonight, he was unable to control is hind legs.  He could not stand up and when I helped him, he could not stand alone.  I reached out to the on-call veterinarian to come to the house to euthanasia Jericho.
Linda called our daughter, and she brought the grandkids over to say goodbye before the veterinarian got here.  Jericho got a lot of love and attention, while many tears rolled down checks.
Jericho was a special dog. He and I bonded immediately when I rescued him for the dog impound yard. He followed me everywhere. He loved children, especially babies. If he heard a baby crying, he was right there to see who was doing what.
At 120 pounds he was intimidating when he barked.  In realty he was barking for pets he loved attention.  In the thirteen years we were together he never showed any signs of aggression.  Small dogs would crawl all over him and he would just roll over as if to say keep crawling.
He did no tricks or had any particularly special traits. He just liked peace and love, like some 1960s hippie.  He was a good friend and companion and I miss him dearly.

Jericho and his ball


  1. So sorry to hear about Jericho. Pets are members of one’s family and it’s never easy when that moment arrives. Much love to you and your family.

  2. Harry, so sorry to hear the news. I’ve got a lab very similar to yours and will have to the same as you down the road. He will leave a big hole in your heart but you have the great memories.

  3. Jericho was a very lucky doggo.
    He will always be in your ❤️
    Letting them go is the final act of love we can give them

    “Dogs only hurt us when they leave us”

  4. Sincere condolences… You caught my attention with these words… “He just liked peace and love, like some 1960s hippie” From here, that is the best kind of dog anyone could ever want or deserve..

  5. As I read your note, Harry, I had a very visceral and emotional reaction. My sweet 15 month old GSD, Willow, sensed it and let out a sad bark. A fond farewell to a faithful friend and family member. May he rest in peace.

  6. I can only echo the sentiments of others, as we have experienced the same in our family. We can only sympathize with how this has impacted you and your family.

  7. The heart takes up such a small space, it is amazing as to how much the love from a dog can in many ways over fill it .They give so much and ask so little . When they are gone thats when we really feel how much that they have given us. Because there is such a large empty space left behind .

  8. R.I.P. Jericho. I still cry when I think of my 13-yr old Lab that was suffering and put down three weeks ago. I certainly understand your deep loss Harry. Mine too was my best friend and always at my side. I cherish the 100’s of pictures I have as I’m sure you also have. The sadness remains, but the memories lessen the pain and are well worth the tears. God Bless you, Harry and Jericho.
    – Lou

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