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In a recent “musings” I commented on a photo of the BOD and friends enjoying breakfast and assumed (ass/u/me) that the PBA picked up the tap. Ernie assured me that the members paid their own way, including a generous tip. My Bad!

I was commenting on the membership fees deducted from our retiree checks. and pointed out that the PBA had $100 Grand in the bank and suggested that maybe that could be reduced or changed to a quarterly or by-monthly fee. It is only $36 buck a year for each of us and probably goes unnoticed. But if there are only 300 dues paying members, that is over $10,000 a year, I may be cheap but “That Ain’t Hay”! I may be the only retiree concerned about that fee and I welcome any comments on the matter. Maybe a billing quarterly or bi-monthly? I don’t intend this to be a “piss fight”, but If not me, who then?

On the other hand, our “President For Life” claims he is not, and anyone can be nominated for any office. As I understand, the vote is taken at a meeting, so the 50, or so, who attend get the vote while the many hundreds of retirees living abroad do not. Maybe not for life, but for next year….and the next….and the next….

Impressions are everything, as they say, and more so in Law Enforcement. 

And I do appreciate the contributions of content and kind words from all 900 of you paying or non-paying members who subscribe to this newsletter. (The “Glue That Keeps Us Together” as Lumpy phrased it!)
Good stuff already coming in for next issue!

4 Thoughts on “MY BAD

  1. the food at the PBA sucks as to quality We have the money we should have better quality or maybe we need a new food vender And lets have the Valentine Dance location changed (not much ambience in the POA hall) in the past the hotel were great

  2. I go to the meetings as often as I can make it and the reason being I enjoy seeing the people I worked with for 40 years. Yes, 40 years as I was a regular for 29 years and 11 years in the reserves. I retired from both. I would expect that the people being elected for the various PBA offices would be people who can attend the meetings on a regular basis. There is no pay or much of any other reward for being a PBA officer and I appreciate the people who are willing to do it. I do agree that that the money or war chest what ever you want to call it should be spent more wisely including improving the monthly meal. The food isn’t that good because we don’t pay the business providing the food more money. Also, i feel we should be willing to help those orgainizations who do the most good for all of the members of the police department whether or not they belong to the PBA or not such as the Chaplaincy and the Emerald Society. The PBA is a nonprofit organization and putting all this money in the bank without any real purpose makes no sense to me. Let’s use it to do some good. Leroy I don’t believe you did anything bad just made a mistake. You are one of those who does for the good of all for no compensation. Thank you for you service.

    1. Thanx for the kind words, Curt. Another fine organization that meets with the standards you describe is the headed up by Scott Seaman.
      Check it out, I was impressed with the overall generosity of the org.

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