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The tragic attack on 9/11 resulted in more than one hero emerging from the rubble and ashes of the devastation including the rescue dogs. Over 300 of these rescue dogs were called upon to search through the debris for survivors in the days and weeks after the attack. In the years that have passed these dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge to dog heaven but let us never forget the wonderful role they played during that terrible event.

5 Thoughts on “NEVER FORGET!

  1. Never realized the role that Rescue Dogs played in the 9/11 horrendous event. Leroy = thanks for this video. Should be shown all over the USA. Many thanks.

    Russ L. Russell
    Retired and a German Shepherd owner

  2. I was attached to Port Authority during the “recovery” phase of our job and we used these dogs. Both videos brought back many memories. The one most vivid was kind of funny, but very frustrating. The cadaver dogs kept hitting on the deli that was buried in the rubble. We got through it all and are forever thankful for what these dogs did for us… Very touching video!

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