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From the Editor: It would be nice if more retirees would share their retirement activities with all of us. I am envious of Dave’s Sporting Clays events but very glad for him.

How about it? The “Glue that holds us together” includes sharing what is going on in your life. Keeping in touch with stories and pictures of what’s happening out your way.

In response to your question of “what am I up to, and how have I stayed out of jail” let me give
you a little background.
I’ve been pheasant hunting in South Dakota for many years. One year the guide confirmed I was a policeman and that I carried a shotgun in my police car. Then he told me I better start practicing with it, because I can’t hit anything. It wasn’t completely true, and even good shots have bad days. Upon returning home my neighbor got me shooting sporting clays at Coyote Valley. That led to me becoming an experience package guide (in trade for some free targets).
Ultimately my neighbor said we should join NSCA (National Sporting Clays Association) and be registered competitive shooters. It’s a sad tale, fell in with a bad crowd, started trading up in shotguns (an 870 isn’t what the cool kids are shooting….), bought a golf cart and outfitted it to be a sporting clays cart (basket on front and 4 shotgun racks). I’ve met some real characters, and some friends for life in the shooting sports.
Attached are some hunt photos and some competition photos. I was there when Jeff Martin shot his first pheasant, same with Jim Spence. I even got John Quinn in the field with a gun and his daughter.
Two 2nd Battalion Rangers down for treatment at the VA in Palo Alto. Got them out for a little doctor approved “aroma therapy”.

John Quinn and his daughter in the field with their first pheasants. Turns out Megan is a heck of a shot, and John held his own!

In the box, shooting at the Ducks Unlimited Continental shoot in Las Vegas.
Big Bird in the field in South Dakota

My shooting cart gets lots of smiles – proof I don’t take myself too seriously….or is a Zwemke mind trick from his bag of black ops….

A recent shoot at Quail Point in Zamora, with my new sponsor vest. That is my son’s business, but if I don’t start winning, I may lose his sponsorship…

My neighbor Ron – the leader of the “bad crowd” I fell in with and often times my adult supervision (answering the question of how I stay out of jail), at another shoot in Las Vegas.

Dave (David Wysuph)


John Powell, discus world record holder and four-time Olympian, died at home in Las Vegas on August 19 after a long illness. He was 75. John was a graduate of San Jose State and worked for the San Jose Police Department for seven years before leaving to concentrate on his throwing career. He was on the United States Olympic team in 1972, 1976, 1980 and 1984 and medaled twice. He was a seven time U.S. National Champion. In 1975, he set a world record with a throw of 226’8′.John also coached and inspired others. As the throws coach at Stanford from 1981-1990, he coached U.S. record holder and 1984 Olympian Carol Cady. His John Powell Throwing Camps produced many athletes who went on to win state, national, Olympic and world championships. John is survived by his wife Wally Powell, his daughter Julie Powell, and grandchildren Maddie and Tyler McGivern. His daughter Tammy Powell McGivern died in 2021.At John’s request, there will be no memorial service, Please consider contributions in John’s memory to organizations he valued and supported: San Jose State Spartan Society, U.S. Olympic Committee, and the U. S. Humane Society.

Published by Mercury News on Aug. 23, 2022. See HERE

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The Ben Ben pyramid that has puzzled scientists for thousands of years and they have been unable to solve the mystery.
The pyramid is made of black stone, but it is not an ordinary stone because all of its components are not found on earth. The black iron stone is only found in space in space meteorites, and here the other puzzle appears because it’s a very hard iron stone and difficult to mold and dig, but it’s not difficult to break, so how was it cut with so much accuracy in angles and deviations ?? How was your face polished with such unique precision? As were these very delicate inscriptions on the sides of the pyramid, scientists found it impossible for any tool, old or new, to carve these inscriptions except with a laser cutting tool. And now we come to the last mystery, which is that the black stone of the iron meteorite, thanks to its composition, has a positive electromagnetic energy transfer in its surroundings that makes everyone who approaches feel psychologically comfortable – and affects the human energy.
The pyramid is displayed in the Egyptian Museum.




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