PBA BBQ Pictures

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PBA BBQ Pictures

Well, I am most happy to report that the PBA BBQ was a great success!  We had about 100 members attend to enjoy 12-ounce steaks, Lundberg’s road kill chili and raffle prizes.  It was nice to see old car partners, team members and PD alumni getting together and talking about the old times.
Heartfelt thanks to the following who helped to prep the BBQ, grill the steaks, and man the bar:

  • Larry Lundberg, Armando Elemen, Bill Santos, Glenn Harper, Terry Handforth, Bob Kosovilka, Brian Bennert, Rich Frazier, Bob Moir, Larry Reuter
  • Thank you, Craig Clifton, for taking the photos
  • Thank you, Ken Jacksteit, for continuing your efforts in putting together the bulletin, or as it will now be known as, “Mattos Mail Bag”
  • Thank you, to all the members who were able to attend to those who support the association 

Margie Thompson formally became a dues paying Associate Member; welcome aboard!
Condolences to the families of the following:
Retired Lt. Robert (Bob) Hollars
Retired Lt. Norvel (Norv) Pulliam
Raffle prizes donated by: Jim Silvers (SJPD Ford Interceptor model car), Al McCulloch (Wine) Dave Dulong (Wine, Flashlights), Andy Layne (Wine), Ernie Hernandez (Brandy), Rodger Cripe (Polo shirts/Caps from the Mattos collection) and your PBA (pocket knives, 49er item, coffee mugs).  All contributions are very much appreciated, thank you!
A happy birthday to the July members and to the winners of the $25 monthly birthday gift cards:

  • Mike Mendez (Olive Garden)
  • Felipe Flores (Shell gas card)
  • Scott Savage (Dunkin Donuts) 

Receiving individual recognition prizes/awards were:

  • Gilbert Torres, for longest trip (2282 miles) from Tennessee (POA souvenir gift pack)
  • Jim Guido, for the oldest living PBA member in attendance (US Mint LEO commemorative coin)

Lastly, it will take a bit for all the photos to download when you receive the email. It will be well worth the wait; Ken painstakingly added the names as best as I could recall and provide, I hope you enjoy.
Please ensure the PBA has your correct mailing address.  Updates can be sent to Larry Lundberg:

As always; if you may have a question, concern or comment and would like to reach out, my email is:
Ernie Alcantar
PBA President

BPU Members

Brian Hyland, Bill Clark, Curt Reeves, Ralph Percelle,
Chaplain Jim Becknall, George Padilla, Margie Thompson,
Ted Vasquez, Bob Dominguez, Dan Archie, 
Mike O’Connor, Dave Hendrickson

Bud Davis, Margie Thompson

Brian Bennert

Chow line

Chaplain Bryan Allen, Don Hale

Bill Santos, Glenn Harper

Bill Mason, Guy Bernardo, Marv Lewis, Scott Savage,
Ken Jacksteit, Don Meade, Mike Amaral, Phil Biebel

Bill Leavy, Kerry Smith, Buc DeMers, Ron Gaumont,
Mardy Johnson, Charlie Hoehn, Rich Couser

Terry Boone, Rich Arca, Dave Byers, Glenn Bytheway,
Rich Christiansen

Dave Dulong, Tim Knea, Dick Tietgens, Andy Layne,
Brian Gay.

H-Car and Merge

Happy Birthday Felipe Flores, Armando Elemen,
Scott Savage, Gil Torres, Phil Rodgers,
Jim Wagner, Steve Windisch

Frank Portillo, Bud Davis

Cooking up nicely

Gary Kirby, Ernie Alcantar and 
Jim Guido getting commemorative coin

Greg Morrill, Bob Brahm, Dave Wysuph, Tom Mazzone,
Rich Bailey, Mark Bell (Back to camera)

Glenn Bytheway, Bob Moir (ice), Dave Byers,
Pete Tuminia (cap), Rich Christiansen, Tom Mazzone,
Rich Frazier (Grey Shirt)

Glenn Harper

Jerry Smith, Tom Murphy, Cha Cha Ramon,
Reese Gwillim, Bob Finnie, Joe Giorgianni

Larry Lundberg

Rich Frazier and Gil Torres

Raffle Prizes

Loading up

Kitchen Prep

Matt McLinden, Rene Retuta, Tony Rodriguez,
Ernie Hernandez, Felipe Flores

Phil Alfano, Carm Grande, Pete Salvi, Mike Fehr,
Tom Murphy, Jim Howell

Historical Society PD Car

Ready for grilling!

The bar is open!

Soccer Players

Traffic and Motor Officers

Roger Cripe, Bud Davis, Frank Portillo, Rich Frazier,
Jim Spence

Will Battaglia, Bill Powers, Allen McCulloch, Tony Destro,
Jim Guido, Bruce Morton, Aubrey Parrott

Steve McEwan, Gary La Rault, Pete Tuminia, 
Tom McCready,  Jim Silvers, Mike Richmond, 
Darrell Cortez



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  1. What a classic bunch of photos?!?!!! Totally blown away by how well our guys all look!!! Thanks to the photographer. Thanks to POA for organizing. Thanks to you, Leroy, for collating and sending out to us. A jillion years worth of history and unparalleled public service …. and 10-times that many stories to tell! Sorry to have missed this opportunity and hoping to make the next such gathering, if in town at the time. My best to each of those who made it/and in the photos.

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