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Having trouble correcting the Date of Death. Help from anyone?


KITCHEN CREW FOR PBA BBQ! JOB WELL DONE, I HEAR.Larry Lundberg, Armando Elamin, Terry Handforth, Bill Santos,
Glen Harper, Piggy Bennett

15 Badass Facts About Annie Oakley That Prove She Could Outshoot Any Man. She First Picked Up A Gun At Age 8

As the story goes, Oakley was 8 years old when she first picked up a gun. Her father had taught her how to hunt and trap, unusual pursuits for a young girl in the 1860s.

Oakley was once quoted as saying, “I was eight years old when I made my first shot, and I still consider it one of the best shots I ever made.” Apparently, her first shot was a kill – she aimed a heavy muzzle loader at a squirrel, and got it right in the head. Full story HERE

National Day of the Cowboy, on the fourth Saturday in July — falling on July 23, this year — is here to prove to us that cowboy culture, despite the misconception that it has faded away over the years and been beaten down by the Information Age, is alive and well. 


It wouldn’t be too outlandish to say that the National Day of the Cowboy movement got its real start when ranchers and cowhands first started working herds in the American West before all 50 states were even formed. Roping and riding, herding cattle on horseback, living by the lariat on your saddle horn, and camping under a big, starry American sky — these things were integral to the American cowboy experience. For a long while, other countries’ perception of what Americans were like was exemplified by the ‘Marlboro Man’ image — a stoic, soft-spoken, self-reliant master of herd beasts and the wilderness.

Back in 2005, to make sure it stays that way, the organization National Day of the Cowboy (NDOC) sponsored a bill in the Wyoming House and Senate to preserve and celebrate cowboy culture and history in that state, attaching an eponymous holiday to be observed on the fourth Saturday in July. The bill passed and, since then, other states have passed NDOC in their legislatures. As of the end of July 2019, 15 states had passed the bill.

Since the beginning of NDOC’s political campaigning, they’ve raised awareness and enthusiasm for things like rodeos, cowboy history museums, and country fairs featuring roping demonstrations to make sure the cowboy image never dies. We’re in their corner, even if our only experience of the entire milieu comes from watching “Gunsmoke” and “The Rifleman.”

NDOC, the organization, shows no signs of slowing down. They operate under a corporate hierarchy, with a chairman, treasurer, and secretary at the top, all the way down to a cadre of committed volunteers at ground level. The grassroots movement is determined to pass NDOC in all 50 states and has steadily gained momentum since its start-up in 2005.


I was born in Alabama in 1947 and moved to Illinois at the age of 16. After graduating high school in 1965, I enlisted in the US Navy where I served four years. Like many veterans, the power of community has always compelled me to give back in service to others.

After my time in the military, I got involved locally with many different organizations, like the Boys and Girls Club and Kiwanis International. At one point, I volunteered as the Vice President, and then President, for the Redlands Morning Club, and also served as a Board Member of the Family Service Association of Redlands. During this time, my wife, Anne, and I had three children. After two decades working in the transportation industry, I created and ran my own business, Leonard’s Catering, specializing in barbecue, for 23 years before retiring in 2016.

Anne and Leo Snyder, pictured in 2016.

Anne and I moved in 2018 to be closer to our youngest son, so we could pour love into our grandchildren. But in July 2021, after noticing changes in my speech, our lives changed dramatically when I was diagnosed with ALS. I was surprised to learn that ALS is a service-related, neurodegenerative disease and that people who have served in the military are twice as likely to be

ALS is life-altering and is so hard on everyone. There are days I don’t want to go out because of the physical challenges of the disease. Since my ALS diagnosis, I am very sad that I can no longer be an avid spokesperson with Kiwanis International at our yearly conventions. I have to communicate with devices, and that’s difficult because changes in my vision came to the point where I could no longer operate my eye gaze system.

Knowing the power of community service organizations, we connected with the Golden West Chapter in August 2021 and were partnered with a Regional Care Manager. Her extensive knowledge of ALS and local resources has been indispensable for our family. She has helped us cope with changes in my daily life including loss of speech, difficulty swallowing, and advice regarding the placement of a peg tube.

My Care Manager also helped me with much needed durable medical equipment, through the Chapter’s loan program, like a shower chair that my insurance wouldn’t cover. Through the Chapter’s support groups, we were connected to more key ALS services.They have also been a place of reprieve for Anne, who is my main caregiver.

The ALS community needs people to help raise ALS awareness and funds. That’s why my family and I formed Team Snyder and participated in the Golden West Chapter Walk to Defeat ALS. Each of us decided to “Walk-Our-Way” from our neighborhoods thanks in part to the Walk Day kits we received as registered Walk Team Captains. Anne walked with me at our local park, sharing our ALS story with everyone we met.

To all of those who have been touched by ALS, be kind to yourselves and don’t be afraid to talk about this disease. My motto amongst my circle of support is, “I love you, and you can’t do anything about it!” I hope you will join me and get involved with the Golden West Chapter. Together we can serve the ALS community.

In service,
Leonard “Leo” Snyder
Seaman, United States Navy
Team Captain Walk to Defeat ALS


So… Leave the Gate Open

If you leave the gate open, the cow will wander off. So if you intentionally leave the gate open, you want the cow to wander off. You can’t blame stupidity or laziness. It was intentional.

If you cut police budgets, you will get more crime on the streets. So if you intentionally cut police budgets, you wanted more crime on the streets.

If you cut back the supply of oil, gas prices will go up. So if you intentionally cut back the supply of oil, you wanted gas prices to go up.

If you print trillions of dollars without increasing the supply of goods, inflation will hit hard. So if you intentionally print trillions of dollars without more goods you wanted inflation to hit hard.

If you leave the southern border wide open, you get more drug trafficking and human trafficking.  So if you intentionally leave the border wide open, you wanted more drug trafficking and human trafficking.

If you shut down 40% of the supply of baby formula in February, you’ll get a huge shortage. When you KNOW a huge baby formula shortage is coming because of the FDAs actions, and you purposefully do nothing to prevent it, month after month, until the crisis finally hits hard, you INTENDED this crisis.

It is time to recognize the evil people behind that old man. They want crisis. They want chaos. They want riots. They want conflicts in your town. Their stated purpose years ago with Obama was to “take the US down a few notches on the world stage.” You can feel the quality of your life going down with the country. These are not foolish or misguided people. They are headed somewhere you don’t want to go…

Forward this if you can understand this is happening.

1.Law of Mechanical Repair –
After your hands become coated with grease, your nose will begin to itch and you’ll have to pee. 
2.Law of Gravity –
Any tool, nut, bolt, screw, when dropped, will roll to the least accessible place in the universe.3.Law of Probability –
The probability of being watched is directly proportional to the stupidity of your act.4.Law of Random Numbers 
If you dial a wrong number, you never get a busy signal; someone always answers.
5.Variation Law –
If you change lines (or traffic lanes), the one you were in will always move faster than the one you are in now.6.Law of the Bath 
When the body is fully immersed in water, the telephone will ring.
7.Law of Close Encounters –
The probability of meeting someone you know INCREASES dramatically when you are with someone you don’t want to be seen with.8.Law of the Result –
When you try to prove to someone that a machine won’t work, IT WILL!!!9.Law of Biomechanics –
The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.
11.The Coffee Law 
As soon as you sit down to a cup of hot coffee, your boss will ask you to do something which will last until the coffee is cold.
12.Murphy’s Law of Lockers 
If there are only 2 people in a locker room, they will have adjacent lockers.
13.Law of Physical Surfaces –
The chances of an open-faced jam sandwich landing face down on a floor are directly correlated to the newness and cost of the
carpet or rug
14.Law of Logical Argument –
Anything is possible IF you don’t know what you are talking about.15. Law of Physical Appearance –
If the clothes fit, they’re ugly.16.The 50-50-90 Law
Whenever there’s a 50-50 chance of getting something right, there’s a 90% probability that you’ll get it wrong.17Law of Commercial Marketing Strategy –
As soon as you find a product that you really like, they will stop making it OR the store will stop selling it!18.Doctors’ Law –
If you don’t feel well, make an appointment to go to the doctor, by the time you get there, you’ll feel better. But don’t make an appointment and you’ll stay sick.

Thanks for allowing me to share these flash fiction stories.

I started seriously writing these about a year and a half ago. Each story is exactly 101 words and every story is inspired by a prompt people give me. I get prompts from family, friends, neighbors—even former colleagues like Buckhout and Zwemke have sent me some. I’m always looking for more so if any of your readers are interested, they can send them to me at scotty@scottycornfield.com. If I use one, I’ll pass along the credit. Prompts can be single words (robocall, trillions, prerequisite, etc.) or phrases (home repair, A close shave, etc.). Whatever someone wants to pass along, if it generates an idea, I’m grateful.

I’ll have my first book out in a few months. In the meantime, here are some from my collection. I write one every day. Today I wrote story #347.

At the end of each story, I include the prompt that inspired the tale.

Model Behavior

People never believe me when I tell them I’m a model. “You can’t be,” they’ll say. “You’re not tall enough — or anorexic.”

It doesn’t get any easier when they learn I’m a hand model. “That’s not a thing,” is the typical response.This usually leads to me trying to prove to them that it is, indeed “a thing.”

Tonight is no exception. This guy at the bar thinks he’s scoring points with every stupid joke he makes about “hand jobs.”

Unfortunately for him, last week I did a print ad for Smith & Wesson. They let me keep the product.

Big mistake.

Prompt: Finger Pick 3/2/21


January Birthdays
1 Amaral, Mike
2 Babineau, Cheryl
3 Bernardo, Guy
4 Buell, Cindy
5 Christie, Ken
6 Clifton, Craig
7 Daulton, Rich
8 DeMers, Don
9 Dooley, Jeff
10 Dotzler, Jenny
11 Dwyer, Pat
12 Esparza, John
13 Fehr, Mike
14 Ferla, Al
15 Garino, Ken
16 Hendrix, Dave
17 Hill, Louie
18 Christie, Ken
19 Low, John
20 Lucarotti, Jim
22 Lundberg, Larry
23 Malcom, Roger (Deceased)
24 Mason, Bill
25 Mattos, Bill (Deceased)
26 Murphy, Tom
27 Nunes, Joe
28 Reid, Fred
29 Reuter, Larry
30 Robertson, Harry
31 Royal, Russ (Deceased)
32 Russell, Stan
33 Sandoval, Thomas
34 Smith, Ron (Deceased)
35 Spangenberg, Hal
36 Spence, Jim
37 Stefanini, Mario (Deceased)
38 Tietgens, Dick
39 Villagrana, Manny
40 Wiskell, Bill (Deceased)
February Birthdays
1 Adams, Gene (Deceased)
2 Alcantar, Ernie
3 Baxter, Jack
4 Bowen, Gordy
5 Brocato, Dominic
6 Carlton, Jim
7 Christiansen, Rich
8 Confer, Rick
9 Destro, Tony
10 Finnie, Bob
11 Flory, Dave (Deceased)
12 Hernandez, Rudy
13 Howell, Jim
14 Ingraham, George
15 Jackson, Curtis
16 Johnson, Mardy
17 Jurado, Manny
18 Lail, Hal (Deceased)
19 Le, Thang
20 Lobach, Bob
21 Luca, Dennis
22 Martin Miller
23 Moudakas, Terry
24 Padilla, George
25 Pearce, Jim
26 Reyes, Moises Jr.
27 Schmidt, Paul (Deceased)
28 Smith, Kevin (S.O./Assoc. Member)
29 Thomassin, Ron
30 Weir, Tony
31 Wheatley, Tom
32 Yules,
March Birthdays
1 Aguilar, Pete
2 Alvarez, Dave (Deceased)
3 Bailey, Bill (Deceased)
4 Belleci, Ron
5 Bermudes, John
6 Brown, Ernie
7 Bytheway, Glenn
8 Cardin, Randy
9 Carr, John Sr
10 Costa, John
11 Cottrell, Keith
12 Damon, Alan
13 Habina, Ron
14 Haff, Jack
15 Hale, Don
16 Hawkes, Ken
17 Jeffers, Jim (Atty./Assoc. Member)
18 Leavy, Bill
19 Lovecchio, Pete
20 Paredes, Chuck
21 Pulliam, Norv
22 Ross, Mike
23 Smith, Kerry
24 Spagnoli, Paul
25 Strickland, John
26 Summers, Bob
27 Trussler, John (Deceased)
28 Van Dyck, Mike (Deceased)
29 Wendling, Jay (Deceased)April Birthdays
1 Albericci, Jerry (Deceased)
2 Ayoob, Paul
3 Balelsano, Bob
4 Battaglia, Nick
5 Battaglia, Will
6 Beattie, George
7 Bell, Bob
8 Blackmore, Chuck (Deceased)
9 Caro, Lynne
10 Couser, Rich
11 DeGeorge, Bob
12 Dini, Paul
13 Efegenio, Mark
14 Frazier, Rich
15 Gisburne, Bob
16 Gonzalez, Roberto
17 Harris, Dale
18 Kosovilka, Bob
19 Kregel, John (Deceased)
20 Mattocks, Michael
21 McGuire, Pat (Deceased)
22 Meade, Don
23 Montano, Wil
24 Ouimet, Jeff
25 Parks, Don
26 Pinck, Greg
27 Porter, John (Deceased)
28 Quinn, John
29 Ramon, Cha Cha
30 Realyvasquez, Armando
31 Robinson, Walt
32 Ross, Joe
33 Salerno, Paul (Deceased)
34 Santos, Bill
35 Savala, John
36 Schenini, Joanne
37 Silvers, Jim
38 Utz, Ron (Deceased)
39 Wedlow, Dean
40 Williams, Rick
May Birthdays
1 Alexander, Bruce
2 Blackstock, Carroll
3 Cadenasso, Rich (Deceased)
4 Chamness, Hank
5 Cook, John
6 Cortez, Darrell
7 Ellsworth, Larry
8 Emery, Lou (Deceased)
9 Erfurth, Bill
10 Gardner, Paul
11 Handa, Mitch
12 Hodgin, Bruce
13 Hoehn, Charles
14 Hughes, Gary (Deceased)
15 Kocina, Ken (Deceased)
16 Kubo, Vince
17 McCall, George
18 McCready, Tom
19 McCulloch, Allen
20 Otter, Larry
21 Petersen, Bruce (Deceased)
22 Powers, Bill
23 Punneo, Norm
24 Pyle, Leroy
25 Raymond, Greg
26 Seaman, Scott
27 Silva, Bill
28 Smoke, Wil (Deceased)
29 Tenant, Ed (Deceased)
30 Usoz, Steve
31 Vasquez, Daniel
32 Vasquez, Ted
33 Waggoner, Bill
34 Witmer, Dave
35 Wright, Doug (Deceased)June Birthdays
1 Ady, Robert
2 Aguirre, Jim
3 Anthony, Tom
4 Bartoldo, Tom
5 Becknall, Jim (Chaplain)
6 Bridgen, Dave (Chaplain/Deceased)
7 Browning, Robert (Deceased)
8 Caro, Bert
9 Cossey, Kent (Deceased)
10 Fox, Mike Jr.(Goodwill Pres-CEO/Assoc. Member)
11 Garringer, Roy (Deceased)
12 Grant, Rich
13 Graves, Pete
14 Grigg, Bruce
15 Givin, Wilbur (Wil) (Deceased)
16 Gurley, Rich (Deceased)
17 Harmon, Paul
18 Hirata, Gary
19 Johnson, Tom (Deceased)
20 Kingsley, Fred (Deceased)
21 Kirkendall, David
22 Korver, Greg
23 Longaker, Dave (Deceased)
23 McTeague, Dan (Deceased)
24 Miller, Rollie (Deceased)
25 Morrill, Greg
26 Morris, Jack
27 Nagengast, Tom (Deceased)
28 Payton, George (Deceased)
29 Robison, Manoh
30 Salvi, Pete
31 Schriefer, Hank (Deceased)
32 Shaver, John
33 Sides, Roger
34 St. Amour, Bob
35 Sturdivant, Billy
36 Terry, Glenn (Deceased)
37 Unger, Bruce
38 Weesner, Greg
39 Weiser, Rich (Deceased)
40 Welker, Jessica
41 Wells, Bill
42 Wilson, Neal

July Birthdays

6 Cannell, Tom
7 Chavez, Ruben
7 Clark, Bill
8 Comelli, Ivan
9 Davis, Bud
10 Elemen, Armando
11 Flores, Felipe
12 Gil-Blanco, Jorge
13 Hosmer, Dewey
14 Keffer, Francis Sr. (Deceased)
15 Kimbrell, Tammy
16 Kleman, Karl
17 Lopez, Candelario Candy
18 Lowry, Mike (Deceased)
19 Mendez, Melquiades (Mike)
20 Metcalf, Mickey
21 Mitchell, Bill (Deceased)
22 Moore, Jim
23 Morin, Jim
24 Potter Pat
25 Raye, Bruce
26 Rice, Lyle
27 Rodgers, Phil
28 Savage, Scott
29 Shannon, Clarence (Deceased)
30 Stangel, Harry
31 Stine, Bruce
32 Tannehill, Ron
33 Tice, Stan
34 Torres, Gilbert
35 Wagner, Jim
36 Werkema, Jim
37 Windisch, Steve Jr.

August Birthdays
1 Abram, Fred
2 Archie, Dan
3 Boyd, Pat
4 Brasil, Mario
5 Brewer, Tom
6 Bui, Mike
7 Busch, Dennis
8 Byers, Dave
9 Campbell, John
10 Clark, Bill
11 DeMers, Buck
12 Diehl, John (Deceased)
13 Dishman, Billy
14 Dulong, Dave
15 Esparza, Fred (Deceased)
16 Ewing, Don (Deceased)
17 Fanucchi, Roscoe
18 Galios, Chris
19 Gay, Brian
20 Hahn, Chuck
21 Hazen, Skip
22 Hernandez, Ernie
23 Holser, George
24 Johnson, Craig
25 Johnson, Gary
26 Katz, Dan
27 Kinsworthy, Lloyd
28 Kurz, Eric
29 Layne, Andy
30 Martinez, Karen
32 Mello, Steve (Mt. View PD/Assoc. Member)
33 Norton, Phil (Deceased)
34 Pitts, Phil
35 Priddy, Loren
36 Reeves, Curt
37 Rendler, Bill
38 Roberson, Mike
39 Rose, Wendell (Deceased)
40 Roy, Charlie (Deceased)
41 Sanfilippo, Roy (Deceased)
42 Scanlan, Pete
43 Smith, B.T.
44 Smith, Lew (Deceased)
45 Tokiwa, Robin
46 Tozer, Dave
47 Tuminia, Pete (State Agent/Assoc. Member)
48 Wall, Chuck
49 Wilson, Lee (Deceased)
50 Wilson, Stan
51 Windisch, Steve Sr. (Deceased)

September Birthdays
1 Arca, Rich
2 Basilio, Les
3 Bergtholdt, Doug
4 Brockman, Joe (Deceased)
5 Brown, Dennis
6 Cunningham, Betty (Deceased)
7 Delgado, Dave
8 Dolezal, Dennis
9 Edillo-Brown, Margie
10 Farlow, Paul (Deceased)
11 Gaumont, Ron
12 Giorgiani, Joe
13 Grande, Carm
14 Harpainter, Bob (Deceased)
15 Harris, Bucky

16 Hendrickson, Dave
17 Jaeger, George
18 Koenig, Heinz
20 Mallet, Bill
21 Marsh, Scott
22 Martinez, Jeremy
23 Montes, Jose
24 Morton, Bruce
25 Oliver, Pete
26 Overstreet, Jim
27 Parrot, Aubrey
28 Schembri, Mike
27 Shuey, Craig
29 Simpson, Terry
29 Sterner, Mike
30 Tietgens, Don
31 Wicker, JoeOctober Birthdays
1 Alfano, Phil
2 Alford, Mike
3 Bailey, Rich
4 Bell, Mark
5 Bennett, Nate
6 Biederman, Margie
7 Boyles, John
8 Brahm, Bob
9 Cardoza, Victor
10 Cripe, Rodger
11 Dominguez, Robert
12 Forbes, Jay
13 Garcia, Jose
14 Harris, Diane
15 Harris, Don
16 Hollars, Bob
17 Hyland, Brian
18 Kensit, John
19 Kneis, Brian
20 Madison, Gary
21 Marcotte, Steve
22 McEwan, Steve
23 Nunes, Les
24 Papenfuhs, Steve
25 Russel, Russ
25 Sumner, Theodore L
26 Valcazar, Dan
27 Vallecilla, Ernie
28 Weesner, Steve (Deceased)
29 Weston, Tom
30 Yuhas, Dick
31 Zwemke, Doug

November Birthdays
1 Boone, Terry
2 Bullock, Dan
3 Burke, Karol
4 Cavallo, Alan
5 Earnshaw, Joe (Deceased)
6 Estrabao, Dario
7 Guerin, Pete (Deceased)
8 Guido, Jim
9 Harper, Glenn
10 Hildebrandt, Karen
11 Lansdown, Sharon
12 LeGault, Russ
13 Leong, Ken
14 Linden, Larry
15 McCollum, Daniele
16 Moir, Bob
17 Moorman, Jim
18 Murphy, Bob – He is the oldest living Retired Richmond Police Chief
18 Ngo, Phan
19 Nunes, John
20 O’Donnell, Tom
21 Pappalardo, Tony (Deceased)
22 Reinhardt, Bob
23 Rogers, Vince
24 Sims, Bill (Deceased)
25 Smith, Bill (Deceased)
26 Smith, Jerry
27 Thomas, Art
28 Thompson, Gary (Deceased)
29 Wysuph, Dave
30 Zalman, Virginia

December Birthdays
1 Allen, Bryan (Chaplain)
2 Barikimo, Jon
3 Biebel, Phil
4 Borbons, Carl
5 Brookins, Dennis
6 Brown, Charles
7 Buckhout, Craig
8 Bye, Bud
9 Carr, John Jr.
10 Christiansen, Bob
11 Cornfield, Scott
12 Fernsworth, Larry
13 Finton, Roger (Deceased)
14 Flosi, Ed
15 Grant, Doug
16 Gwillim, Reese
17 Handforth, Terry
18 Hunter, Dick (Deceased)
19 Jacksteit, Ken
20 Knea, Tim
21 Knopf, Art (Deceased)
22 Lagergren, Fred
23 Lanctot,Noel
24 LaRault, Gary
25 Lewis, Marv
26 Mazzone, Tom
27 McNamara, Joe (Chief/Deceased)
28 Ortega, Dan
29 Percelle, Ralph
30 Polmanteer, Jim
31 Raul, Gary
32 Sauao, Dennis
33 Dennis Sorahan
34 Zenahlik, Tom

“Do You Have Any Other Questions?”

“Audie Murphy America’s Most Decorated Soldier”




California’s largest wildfire of the year burns near Yosemite

California’s Oak Fire burns thousands of acres, prompts Gov. Newsom to declare emergency near Yosemite




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      May Birthdays
      1 Alexander, Bruce
      2 Blackstock, Carroll
      3 Cadenasso, Rich (Deceased)
      4 Chamness, Hank
      5 Cook, John
      6 Cortez, Darrell
      7 Ellsworth, Larry
      8 Emery, Lou (Deceased)
      9 Erfurth, Bill
      10 Gardner, Paul
      11 Handa, Mitch
      12 Hodgin, Bruce
      13 Hoehn, Charles
      14 Hughes, Gary (Deceased)
      15 Kocina, Ken (Deceased)
      16 Kubo, Vince
      17 McCall, George
      18 McCready, Tom
      19 McCulloch, Allen
      20 Otter, Larry
      21 Petersen, Bruce (Deceased)
      22 Powers, Bill
      23 Punneo, Norm
      24 Pyle, Leroy
      25 Raymond, Greg
      26 Seaman, Scott
      27 Silva, Bill
      28 Smoke, Wil (Deceased)
      29 Tenant, Ed (Deceased)
      30 Usoz, Steve
      31 Vasquez, Daniel
      32 Vasquez, Ted
      33 Waggoner, Bill
      34 Witmer, Dave
      35 Womack, Kenn
      35 Wright, Doug (Deceased)

      1. Hello, Leroy:
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  1. YO LEROY: We still have birthdays here in Kansas. Mine is July 17, 1943. Please add me to the July honorees. Thanks

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