Great Job on Birthday Lists

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Just a reminder that these lists will be published in The Musings each month with the idea that (Formerly the Farsider) is intended to be “The Glue” that holds us all together in our retirement, no matter where on this earth we may be currently residing.

With that in mind, you may want to consider touching bases soon with on old car partner and do some catching up.

July Birthdays

1 Allen, Bob
2 Bacigalupi, Dave
3 Becerra, Manny (Deceased)
4 Bennert, Brian
5 Botar, Rick
6 Cannell, Tom
7 Chavez, Ruben
7 Clark, Bill
8 Comelli, Ivan
9 Davis, Bud
10 Elemen, Armando
11 Flores, Felipe
12 Gil-Blanco, Jorge
13 Hosmer, Dewey
14 Keffer, Francis Sr. (Deceased)
15 Kimbrell, Tammy
16 Kleman, Karl
17 Lowry, Mike (Deceased)
18 Mendez, Melquiades (Mike)
19 Metcalf, Mickey
20 Mitchell, BillDeceased)
21 Potter Pat
22 Raye, Bruce
23 Rice, Lyle
24 Rodgers, Phil
25 Savage, Scott
26 Shannon, Clarence (Deceased)
27 Stangel, Harry
28 Tannehill, Ron
29 Tice, Stan
30 Torres, Gilbert
31 Wagner, Jim
32 Werkema, Jim
33 Windisch, Steve Jr.

9 Thoughts on “Great Job on Birthday Lists

  1. For your birthday list- yours truly is an Aries in March


    Sgt Tim Halpin badge 2344 (ret)

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