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Congratulate all our dads on a job well done. We know you’re asked to do a lot of things – honey-do lists, late-night homework help, butterfly kisses, and everything in between. But we’re going to ask you to do one more thing: enjoy your special day!


Me and Mike in the early 60’s, Fremont Pathfinders Days at the park.


Me and the Grandkids

20 Thoughts on “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

  1. Happy Father’s Day Leroy! So glad to see you honor your parents on a regular basis. I was blessed to have great parents also.

    1. Thanx, Rich, and back at you. I have a little trouble getting my butt out of bed, but with a couple cups of coffee, I manage to make my way to the computer and knock out a little 4 or 5 days a week.
      Say hello to our Bro!😋

  2. Great PIXS LeRoy, especially the 3-Wheeler at Fremont. I too cruised Fremont Blvd on a 3-Wheeler until we went to Vespa Scooters.
    Happy Father’s Day Brother!

    Johnny Q
    FPD Badge 1047 Ret.

  3. Happy Father’s Day Leroy!
    And, thanks for “Keepin On” with the regular news and updates for those of us that appreciate all that you find the time to keep doing.
    I still find the resemblance of you and your Dad, just amazing!
    It’s strange to come to the realization that “we” all of a sudden are the “old ones” that someday our kids, grandkids and great grandkids will look back upon in photos and videos to remember us like we remember our folks in our good old days…….

    1. Ain’t that the truth. I see pics of guys I worked years with, old and almost unrecognizable, and can only imagine that I would look the same to them.

  4. And a big happy Father’s Day to all of us. Here in the Land of Flat things are still about the same. Wet Spring, river was our of banks (flood) four (4) time in 10 days but we’re still goin’ at it! Didn’t plant any corn this year as fertilizer is 300% above last year. So hello to more soybeans and wheat. Enjoy your humus and anything made of flour. Note: I’m always surprised at the cost of humus in various restaurants if someone orders an appetizer. Hell, we spill enough soybeans to supply a restaurant for a week when transferring from combines to trucks. Of course everyone carries a scoop (shovel) to shovel the stuff back into the truck. Got to keep the artsy fartsies in the eateries supplied with the green paste.
    Bye for now, keep up the good work gluing us all back together with the Musings. See ya on the the 20th of July in San Jose. I will definitely have to sit at the old guy table!

  5. Happy Father’s day Leroy. And beautiful grandkids, we have two granddaughters and they bring much joy into our lives.

    1. Hey out there! I’ve read about the cost of fertilizer and we are feeling the increased cost of foodstuffs.
      That’ll teach em to vote democrat!

  6. Good Job Leroy. I’m glad to see you are keeping the faith regarding the updates on what’s happening with all the guys and their families.
    Without your dedication I’m afraid much of what’s happening in our police family would be lost.
    Looking forward to viewing your posts.

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