3 Thoughts on “RIP JIM LEROY

  1. So sad to here about this. First Rick, them Jim. The two of them worked Crime Scene unit together. The fact that they both have passed just 3 days apart is unreal. Jim was a great policeman.
    Aside from the sadness, here’s a funny story. In late ‘68 , I drove over to Jim’s house out in the Evergreen area where Jim Guido Jr. had been “on a traction table” in Jim’s house overnight. Guido Jr. wasn’t hurt, he had a “new hire” physical that morning at the health building and that involved a weigh-in and height measurement.
    Since Guido Jr. was so worried about making the height requirement, he put himself “literally” in traction from his chin to his feet! After Leroy and I loaded the “prone” Guido into Leroy’s Plymouth station wagon, we motored downtown to the health building. Problem was, after surreptitiously carrying his still prone self on a stretcher to the back doors on the Mission St. side, they were “locked”. We carried him around to the front entrance and they were also locked. It was then that Jim Leroy said to me….”Hey Bill……..look in the window.” Right there taped to the inside glass was a sign stating, “City of San Jose Health Services Closed”……..This was on a Monday of a 3 day holiday weekend.
    Guido of course returned the next day, “Un-streatched” , got weighed-in, measured and eventually hired!
    R.I.P. Jim Leroy……

  2. One totally class department member and cop “in his day”. Rest in peace, Jim …. May your memory be eternal with all of those you influenced so greatly over those dedicated years.

  3. Jim was my backup on a stolen vehicle pursuit on mids back in 65 or 66 that ended up in an orchard on Blossom Hill Rd. I caught the driver and Jim chased the passenger deep into the muddy orchard. This was before handpack radios for patrol officers. He returned a short time later with the culprit all hooked up. He then whispered to me” Mike, I lost my gun.” We found it later after a short search. Wouldnt you know it the revolver was stuck barrel down in the mud. We had many a laugh over the years about that night. RIP

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