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Amazing what a good night’s sleep can do.

I remember walking into the living room, sitting down to tell Cheryl of my decision to spend more time with family and give up the weekly publication. She was watching Masters Golf. Did I mention that she is a HUGE sports fan.

“Don’t you have anything better to do? I’m watching the Masters”, she said. “Didn’t I buy you a new computer for Christmas?”

Well, yes, she did. I’ve got 3 desktop computers, one being the spiffy new very fast one that she paid a grand for.

So you old married guys with 45-50 years of marriage behind you know what whip marks I’m talking here…. I’m gonna put this new computer to good use with weekly Musings!

Seriously, though, the numerous very kind notes I received, I mean they came in all day after I posted my “I quit” BS and they were unanimously kind and understanding. Also near unanimous was the ending remark that “No one will ever be able to replace Bill.”

That is for sure. But in Bill’s memory I will continue to Publish weekly.


Thank you all for the kind words, and some of you contributors please send some stuff. We have a Farsider/Musings to create for 042122! The next 10 years are for Bill!


56 Thoughts on “041422 SUPPLEMENT


    I knew you couldn’t stay away. But only less than 12 hours.

    Talk to you soon.


    1. Truly Great News!!!!

      Made my day much better. Thank you Leroy for another 10 years👍
      Looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks, Leroy. You do a fantastic job and as a previous editor, I am well aware of the time and sacrifice required to publish. I very quickly learned how terribly gifted Bill was. I think you are a close second. Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice. Dennis Brown

  3. Leroy you Crack me up. Please keep going but just know that we will understand when you decide to hang up your spurs.

    1. I was thinking after that post, if I’m lucky to make it to 90, would there still be PBA member’s around to read Musings?
      Now I’m thinking 100 would be a challenge!

  4. I was depressed yesterday, but now I am again happy! Thanks, Leroy, you are most appreciated and I look forward to your company for the next decade. Best wishes!

  5. Thank you Lord for giving Leroy the energy to continue with Musings, and of course, his wife’s direction 🙂

  6. ‘Bout the shortest retirement so far this year.
    Thank you. I’ll try to send another night police story. . .

  7. LeRoy, you are the best. I just keep thinking, what a pain in the ass this must be for you, having to constantly work on this. No pay, or benefits of any kind, just some people like me that appreciate all you do. I enjoy your Musings, but would more than understand if you said “enough is enough.” Hundreds of us have enjoyed your and Bill’s work for years.

  8. Reading these replies, wow, All great fantastic people here. Even your critics can’t or won’t realize how much they need you here as well.

    Keep on keepin on. Best years are still ahead of you. Can’t quit your calling now; 90 is just a number, the soul has no age.

    1. Leroy, please don’t interpret the meaning of this graphic as labeling you as a POS. Quite the contrary, your are loved and give us all a voice in this crazy world. Your musings must stand and endure in the face of these ughh colleagues?

      The graphics meaning is a lighthearted methought on how one can start beating up on himself when the critics try to cancel his or her right to exist; disrespecting one’s life’s work and POV

      Another SJPD member suggested I clarify the graphic so not to misconstrue

  9. Hey, Leroy, by the time I get going in the morning to thank you for all those years with and without Bill, I get to the computer, and I’m too late: I missed your retirement. Well, I hope it was refreshing, now get back to work!

    Thanks Leroy for each and every week of the Farsider/Musings. We all appreciate every article, even the rare ones we disagree with. (Mostly, of course, you’re right on target, emphasis on right.)


    Rich Christiansen

  10. Leroy,

    you had me worried for a moment, Glad to see your back I would like to thank your wife for supporting you. Don’t worry about the naysayers the majority of us support you.


  11. Surge froward brave warrior of the printed word. Let not those excessively politically correct voices and/or the those who believe their religious beliefs are the only right ones, instill any self-doubt. You are the wizard of words and bring delight to many a weary soul waiting for the call of the grim reaper. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

  12. Fantastic!! Late Tuesday night April 12th; yes 2000 hours is late when your Oldbrokenanduseless, and this made my day. All is right in the world right now.

  13. Hola Amigo ‼️
    Gracias a Dios que no vas a parar.
    Quando estoy serca a donde vives, nos juntamos. Te voy a comprar un lonchecito y uno, o dos, o tres, o mas cervezas 🍺🍺
    Buena suerte y que te va bien

    1. Paco! Mucho tiempo sin verlo. Cuando me visitas, pollo frito y muchas cervesas aqui en Murphys. El mejor pollo frito aqui en el Murphys Hotel. Esperanto tu visita 😊

  14. Leroy,
    You’re the chain that keeps us old folks linked. We have always appreciated your and Bill’s work. Truly two of San Jose’s Finest!

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