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Received a lot of great comments and encouragement as a result of that last Farsider. Just so you know, The Farsider -has been retired but we aren’t going away. I cannot be expected to continue to represent the organization when the leadership is unhappy with my endeavors. And then there are associated costs.

Musings was created as a result of the refusal to make payments to a vendor by Ernie. I am not sure why, but you may recall that Ernie took to his Prez Message to berate the Farsider in some very crude and untrue remarks. Not sure what his motivation was, but it came out of the blue. 

As a result, musingsfromleroy.org was created to continue that “glue” that keeps retirees from bygone days in touch. If, per chance, you find content or a graphic that offends, please contact me at leroypyle@gmail.com rather than screaming out to the world. I make mistakes and am more than happy to make amends.

As you might imagine, creating a website, downloading an email list of 850 subscribers, and setting up a delivery system so the notification is sent to those 850 subscribers is quite a chore and requires skills that are well above my paygrade.

When Bill started The Farsider some years ago, he created the content and I, with then very basic internet skills, and a GoDaddy account would publish. And then the notifications went out via Outlook, a free personal email app by Microsoft. Email was limited to 6 (I think) at a time, so I divided the list up into groups of 6 to send. It was tedious and time consuming. Fortunately, the list then was much shorter then. And then MailChimp was a free app that I used. And, of course, they were very successful and began charging.

I sent my bill from GoDaddy to the PBA back then and it was promptly paid. $150.00+-.

My contributions to the publication of Musings might be compared to the guide on a tour bus, standing up in the middle of the crowd pointing out the sights. In the meantime, there is a large contraption and motor and electrical system, etc; that keeps the bus moving.

I don’t have the faintest idea how to drive the bus! That is where my good friend comes in. Eric Duran is a long time friend from way back. His father was my high school Spanish teacher and Eric became a ACSO Deputy Sheriff. Since retiring, Eric established a website building company and has favored us with a site.


There is a cost to Eric and I am going to use something like GoFundMe or CrowdFunding to pay for his services. Those services take a percentage, so

MusingsFundING is much simpler.

Send a check to:

1710 Magic Lane
Lodi, CA  95242-3928

In Memo check Memo Line,  For musingsfromleroy.org website

$5.00, $10.00 or $20.oo is what I’m thinking. There are 850 subscribers and if just a small percentage will respond, we have it covered.

If not enough to cover costs, I will pay the remaining amount. If over the amount, it will be applied to next year’s account.

Gilbert S. Gonzales badge #1527 died under hospice care in Reno Nevada on February 12, 2022 at age 81.  He was born in Taos, New Mexico but grew up in San Francisco, CA.  After high school he enlisted and spent four years in the U.S. Air Force.  Upon military discharge he returned to California and attended San Jose State College.  After graduation Gil began his career in law enforcement with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.  Assignments there included working undercover in the Intelligence unit. 

In 1971 Gil lateraled to the San Jose Police Department.  Assignments included patrol, MERGE, Burglary Prevention Unit (BPU), auto theft, and background investigations.  He was promoted to Sergeant and worked the remainder of his career as a patrol supervisor.  He retired in 2000 after almost 29 years with SJPD.  Gil will be remembered for his boyish charm, quick wit, meticulous investigations, and friendship.

He is survived by his daughter Stephanie in Austin, Texas and sons Christopher and Michael in San Jose.  No services at this time but pending future internment in a military cemetery near his home in Nevada.

Musings will now recognize contributors to the Musings content. Many have sent a variety of items, stories, pictures, movies, etc., and I have failed to recognize those contributions. That was a mistake! Credit will now be given to those who regularly submit items for publication. Not just 1 or 2, but regular. Okay, “regular” is rather vague definition but we will get there.

I cannot bear the cost of funding this weekly newsletter.
Nor can I ask my friend to bear the costs.


Send a check to:

1710 Magic Lane
Lodi, CA  95242-3928

In Memo check Memo Line,  For musingsfromleroy.org website


15 Thoughts on “021422

  1. “If, per chance, you find content or a graphic that offends, please contact me at leroypyle@gmail.com rather than screaming out to the world.”

    If there isn’t content and graphics that is offensive, I won’t be subscribing Leroy! 😉

  2. Check for $50 is coming your way…or on the way to Lodi? Yeah, only if you tell all of us who to make the check out to!!!!!

    1. Many thanx. address to mail to at bottom of newsletter but for you,
      Send a check to:

      1710 Magic Lane
      Lodi, CA 95242-3928

      In Memo check Memo Line, “For musingsfromleroy.org website“

  3. Dear Leroy,
    Keep it coming! We really enjoy this publication both for the information and the humor,

    Keep smiling,

  4. I sent a check your way. Like most of us I look every week just to see if I died… or if somebody has reported that I have died. Thank you for keeping us connected.

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