Join the Party! Italian Family Festa San Jose We are putting the family back in the Italian Family Festa with the addition of our new children’s area, Zona di Ragazzi e Ragazze, located in a

A GOOD TIME TO REFLECT ON OLD TIMES, GOOD AND BAD, REMEMBERING OLD FRIENDS! MAYBE GIVE ‘EM A CALL August Birthdays Abram, Fred Archie, Dan Boyd, Pat Brasil, Mario Bui, Mike Busch, Dennis Byers, Dave

TOMORROW!!!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS ON THE CHANCE YOU WERE MISSING DOGGO PICS 🙂 Editor’s Note: Some of my stuff here, unless it’s yours, sorry. FOR YOU OLD TIMERS: She was stabbed 59 times 40 years

This morning before noon Ron passed away. The pain has ended. On behalf of his family, Mike, John and myself, we want to thank everyone for your wonderful responses. You may not realize just how